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Quick Take:

Fliff is a Social Sportsbook where players can place picks on sporting events and have the chance to win cash prizes.

Social sportsbooks encourage players to share their bets and stay involved with social features that keep them engaged. At Fliff players have two ways to use the app. First, players can use Fliff Coins to make free picks on sporting events. Alternatively, players can use earned or bonus Fliff Cash to place picks, and the winnings can be redeemed 1 to 1 for cash prizes.   

Fliff is a great entry point for newbies who are interested in placing picks on sporting events and players in states where real money sports betting isn’t yet legal.

🔗 Fliff Promo Code: A6197
💰Fliff Purchase Bonus: Spend $50, Get $100 in Coins and FREE Fliff Cash!
🤑 Best Feature: Competitive odds that are similar to major online sportsbooks such as Fanduel or Draft Kings
⭐ App Store Rating: 4.8 out of 5.0 (43K reviews)
✅ Date Last Verified: February 2023

Note that Washington state prohibits Fliff and other social/sweepstakes casinos and sportsbooks. Alabama, Georgia, Idaho, Minnesota, Mississippi, Nevada, South Carolina will only allow you to use the play-for-fun elements of Fliff. You can’t win real money (💴 💵 ) prizes in those states. 

600,000 Fliff Coins+ $100 Fliff Cash

  • Social Sportbook available in nearly every US State
  • Major Events Like Super Bowl 2023 and NBA Futures now available
  • NFL Same Game Parlays (SGP), and Nightly NBA Props
  • Play-for-free or promotional play for cash prizes
  • Use Skrill, Apple Pay, or Instant Bank Transfer to deposit

Unofficial Fliff Knowledge Base from Fliff Experts

Welcome to the unofficial Fliff knowledge base for the most commonly asked questions and answers. Here, you will find a wealth of information on all things Fliff – the GOAT of social sports betting. Our goal is to provide a comprehensive and community-driven resource for users to easily access and understand the features and functionality of Fliff. If you notice that something is missing, please feel free to reach out to us and we will be happy to add it to our documentation. Thank you for visiting and happy betting!

About Fliff

Fliff is a new way to play sports games that combines social, sweepstakes, and prediction elements. It’s simple, interactive, and completely free to play, with endless rewards. A fun user experience that combines social gaming, fantasy sports, and sports betting.

Available for social play in 42 states, it operates similarly to traditional online sportsbooks, offering a wide range of sports including esports such as League of Legends.

Fliff is a legal sports betting alternative if betting is not yet available in your state. You can make risk-free or real-money sports picks (both straight and parlay picks) and receive real-money payouts directly to your bank account. It provides a wide range of sports, both in-play and pregame/prematch.

Play with Coins in the social sportsbook to move up the leaderboards, complete challenges, unlock badges, and earn loyalty rewards. Play with free Fliff Cash to participate in our sweepstakes* for the opportunity to win real cash prizes.

Fliff is the free-to-play game that never ends! Coins and Fliff Cash are always available to be claimed if you run out so you can always get in on the action.

Note: The Fliff app is not designed to take advantage of the large iPad screen.

*The sweepstakes accessible via the Fliff app is solely sponsored and administered by Fliff, Inc. Apple is not a sponsor of, affiliated with, or responsible for conducting, the sweepstakes. No purchase is necessary to participate.


  • Great app for beginners, strong community
  • Available in most states
  • Real-money payouts
  • High quality mobile app


  • Not a full-fledged sportsbook
  • Limited support contact methods

Unlike sports betting, social gaming and sweepstakes do not require state-by-state licensure. Fliff Sports Picks is compliant with federal and state social gaming and sweepstakes rules. More about Fliff sweepstakes you can read here. They are currently live in 48 states with their social sportsbook and 42 states with sweepstakes. Down below you will find comprehensive list of all states where Fliff is available and legal to use.

Sports fans

Fliff is an app which is tailored for sports fans. They can finally get the thrill and excitement of any sport game without financial risk. With daily dollar and FREE Coins to claim, sports fans can play for fun by betting on their sports teams. Fliff offers plenty of betting markets so there is no need to register to any other so called real money sportsbook. Finishing challenges brings them experience points (XP) which can be used for purchasing Gift Cards & buying Fliff Coin or Fliff Cash bundles. In case they decide to risk a bit, sport fans by purchasing fliff Coins get certain amount of coins and increase the chances to be the first on the leaderboard.

Second option is to purchase Fliff Cash and with those sports fans can participate in sweepstakes games which eventually they can redeem on their bank account. At Fliff redemption of Fliff Cash you can think of as withdrawing or paying out the money to your account.

Bonus Code Fliff

Fliff Promo CodePROMO CODE: A6197
Welcome BonusGet up to 100 extra Fliff Cash on first purchase
Wagering Requirement1x on Fliff Cash, meaning you need to make 1 turnover with
Fliff Cash in order to be eligible to withdraw
Eligibility18+; new customers only

General Information about Fliff

Company NameFliff Inc.
OwnersFliff was co-founded by Mario Dodev and Matt Ricci. As a venture-backed company, it is owned by a series of investors and venture capital firms.
AddressP.O Box 2728, Austin, TX 78768
Contact Emailhttps://www.getfliff.com/contact or via DM on social networks
Work days24/7, 365 days
Legal in the following US StatesAlaska, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Connecticut, District of Columbia, Delaware, Florida, Hawaii, Illinois, Kansas, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, North Dakota, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Vermont, Virginia, West Virginia, Wisconsin, Wyoming.

Updated on: June 8, 2023
States where you are not permitted to play using Fliff CashAlabama, Georgia, Idaho, Minnesota, Mississippi, Nevada, South Carolina
Customer supportsupport@getfliff.com
Phone Number

Fliff customer service number
(484) 531-7564
Live ChatNo
Twitter pagehttps://twitter.com/fliff
Instagram pagehttps://www.instagram.com/getfliff/
TikTok pagehttps://www.tiktok.com/@fliff
Facebook pageNo, they don’t have Facebook page
Banking methodsSkrill, Instant Banking (Wels Fargo and similar), Credit/Debit Card (Visa, Master, AMEX)
Paypal availableYes
Reddit communityhttps://www.reddit.com/r/Fliff/
Fliff betting discordNo official discord channel.

Fliff Cash or FREE (Bonus) Money

Fliff Cash is an essential aspect of your Fliff sweepstakes gaming experience. To make the most of it, you need to understand how to collect and use it effectively. In this article, we’ll explore the various ways to collect Fliff Cash and the rules associated with its use. To participate in sweepstakes and collect Fliff Cash, you must have a Fliff account. The good news is that creating an account is entirely FREE, and no purchase is ever required. You can easily create your account by downloading the Fliff App from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. Once your account is set up, you can access Fliff through the application and sign in to start your gaming journey.

Fliff Cash is FREE and given as a Bonus when you claim your daily Fliff Coins. Read more about FREE money here!

Fliff Coins

Customers that use Fliff Coins for play wagers have the opportunity to win more XP and Fliff Coins, which may then be used to purchase Fliff Cash. Additionally, Fliff offers users the ability to brag about their achievements in comparison to other players on daily and weekly leaderboards. Every two hours, users can redeem Fliff Coins through the app’s cashier page. It should be noted that Fliff cannot be utilised to obtain rewards or actual money.

Read more about Fliff Coins here.

Mobile App and Web App

Fliff is a popular and user-friendly sports betting platform, as many of you are aware. Many of you are already aware of Fliff’s mobile apps for Apple iOS and Android. The fact that their web app is also accessible on mobile devices is not widely known, though.

The Android version of the Fliff mobile app might not be the best option for all (older) smartphones, though, as it isn’t compatible with all gadgets. For those individuals, we suggest utilising the Fliff Web app on a mobile device. Which, to put it briefly, is exactly what you experience with Apple’s iOS app Fliff.

Interested to read more about differences between different apps? Read in our guide here.

What kind of bets are available at Fliff?

Fliff’s games function in the same way that wagers at an online casino do. Players can make selections for which team or player they want to bet on. There are the following types of bets available.

  • Totals bets (also known as over/under bets) require the gambler to predict whether the combined total score of two teams will finish under or over a line. The set is overseen by Fliff Sportsbook. This is one of the most popular because of the rewards, as it can be done multiple times and simultaneously with other teams when there are games going on at the same time.
  • In-PlayChoose different lines on a game once it begins, with odds that change quickly as the game progresses. As difficult as it always is, In-Play is one of the most appealing live bets because the game will be switching some of the lines.
  • Spreads — A spread is the percentage of points that a team is expected to win. For example, one might anticipate the Patriots winning by at least five points over the Steelers (cover the spread). If the point differential exceeds the specified amount, bettors will receive a return if they bet on the favorite team to win. Point spreads allow bettors to focus on the details that support the outcome, such as data and statistics.
  • MoneylinePredict which team will win a sporting event without considering point spreads. Instead, major underdogs will be given long odds. If the underdog pulls off an upset, players have a chance to win big. It is one of the most entertaining types of bets, in which you simply use your knowledge to predict the outcome of the game, selecting either the underdog or the favorite to win. Fliff’s application will cover the majority of American sports with all of these bet types. Furthermore, Fliff Sportsbook allows users to wager on a variety of sporting events.

Game Coverage

Fliff’s Sports Picks will cover the majority of American sports with all of these bet types. Furthermore, Fliff Sportsbook allows users to wager on a variety of sporting events.

The majority of the major sports games in the United States are available for traditional sports betting at Fliff Sportsbook:

  • Soccer (MLS)
  • American football (NFL)
  • Basketball (NBA and NCAA)
  • Baseball (MLB and international leagues)
  • Golf (PGA)
  • Hockey (NHL)

With all of these sports, we can expect Fliff to provide an immersive range of betting options. People’s favorite sport, of course, has been the NFL because it is where most players win.

Fliff Sportsbook most likely will try to add more sports, as we are missing the popular ones. With the recent increase in demand for the UFC, it won’t be long before Fliff Sportsbook adds more space for the new sports to make their way. Esports have been discussed in various forums.

Because Fliff Sportsbook is the only sportsbook that uses “found money to build a communal experience around sports picks,” sports fans can play using cash back incentives from their favorite brands. As a result, its brand positioning was set in motion. Its software is more friendly and welcoming than a typical sportsbook, and it is more entertaining than existing cashback apps.

Fliff support

You can contact the Fliff customer support team via the web form on the Fliff app seven days a week. As a result, the customer service team will contact you via email within a few hours, though this may take longer late at night.

Customer service is essential for any betting site, and Fliff sweepstake sportsbook has a support team available seven days a week to help with any issues. I was disappointed that the only way to contact the customer support team was via the app’s form. There is no live chat or phone support available yet. However, the customer support team responded within a few hours and provided excellent answers to difficult questions.

While there is information to help players understand that it is safe to play at Fliff, there is no FAQ information. Many players may not have used a sweepstakes site before, so quick access to information on betting, signing up, deposits, and withdrawals would have been beneficial. But that’s why we are here to answer all the questions.

Support facts

Customer support availability7 days a week
Live chatNo
24/7 responses from support staffhttps://twitter.com/FliffSupport

FliffGuru Knowledge Base

Interested to read more about Fliff? Find more content on our Blog where we investigate and research all features of this application. Here some interesting articles we wrote:













  • Arbitrage Calculator:
    • Calculates the total value attained (positive or negative) from a completed multiway scalp, along with the bet size on each outcome for smooth results.
  • Free Play Value Calculator:
    • Determines the risk-free real dollar profit achievable by betting and hedging a free play of a given size.
  • Half-Point Calculator:
    • Calculates the value of buying or selling half-points for MLB totals and NBA, NFL, NCAA Basketball, and NCAA Football spreads and totals.
  • Kelly Calculator:
    • Computes Kelly stakes for bets on up to 15 simultaneous events or 15 mutually exclusive outcomes of a single event.
  • Odds Calculator:
    • Converts betting odds between US, decimal, fractional odds, percentage, Hong Kong, Indonesian, and Malay formats.
  • Parlay Calculator:
    • Determines parlay bet payouts and associated premiums based on a set of underlying bet odds.
  • Poisson Calculator:
    • Calculates win probabilities and odds for one or two variable Poisson-style proposition bets, given an underlying win percentage.
  • Reverse Bets Calculator:
    • Determines the maximum win and loss amount for a given reverse bet, along with situational results based on whether each underlying game wins, loses, or pushes.
  • Round Robin Calculator:
    • Calculates the maximum win and loss amount for a given round-robin, along with situational results based on whether each underlying game wins, loses, or pushes.
  • Spread/ML Calculator:
    • Approximately converts between spreads and moneylines for both pro and college football and basketball.
  • Streak Calculator


About Us:

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you make real money on Fliff

Yes, you can earn real money on Fliff with a bit of luck. Daily Dollar is given until a certain point, and when you earn more (Fliff Cash), Daily Dollar stops. Withdraw/redeem or buy gift cards once you reach $50.

Is Fliff a good betting app?

Yes. Fliff is legit and proper betting app or sportsbook.

Is Fliff legit?

Fliff is legitimate and secure, with your data protected. Winnings are paid out, and its legitimacy is confirmed by over 20,000 Apple App Store reviews and more than 50,000 Google App Store reviews in total.

Fliff coins vs cash. What is difference between Fliff Coins and Fliff Cash?

Fliff Coins are in-app currency for risk-free betting, climbing leaderboards and earning rewards, obtainable for free every 2 hours. Fliff Cash is equivalent to real dollars and can be cashed out anytime, subject to bank processing time.

How to get Fliff cash?

You don’t need to do anything. Fliff will just give it away. Upon joining Fliff, you’ll receive Daily Fliff Cash, which can be multiplied and withdrawn to your bank account.

Is fliff legal in Texas?

Yes, Fliff Sports Picks is legal in Texas.

What is Fliff age requirement?

You need to be 18+ to be able to redeem the rewards or withdraw the money to your account.

How does fliff make money?

By selling gift cards and by taking a percentage of the total amount bet on events.

Is Fliff real money?

Yes, Fliff is real money social sportsbook. However, you can bet risk free with Fliff Coins or with Fliff Cash for true excitement.

Fluff or Fliff sports betting legal states

Fliff is is widely available for play in the US except for Washington state. However, using Fliff Cash to win cash prizes is restricted in 8 states. You can still bet using Fliff Coins in restricted states. To play, you must be 18+ and located within a state where Fliff is legal, not necessarily a resident.

Where to find best fliff bets today?

There is no central place where you can find best bets for Fliff app. However, Reddit community is quite active and you can always find some inspiration there:

Fliff sports betting promo code

If you are new to Fliff then you can use A6197 as Promo Code.

What is Fliff sports betting?

Fliff sports betting is new-gen sports app which brings fan excitement to everyone. Everyone who is 18+ can enjoy Fliff app in United States and win real money risk free.

Fliff withdrawal processed and how long I need to wait?

Withdrawing assets via Redeem Fliff Cash takes 1-5 days. Longer if bank doesn’t support instant transfer.

Is Fliff Sports Picks legal & trustworthy?

Yes. Fliff is a trusted sports picks app with a consensus five-star review (20,000+ reviews) only on the Apple App Store. While on Google Play store they have plenty more really good reviews.

What is Fliff Customer Service number?

You can reach out to them via social network DM’s, website contact form: https://www.getfliff.com/contact
or sending request per post: FLIFF INC, FLIFF SWEEPSTAKES DEPARTMENT, P.O BOX 22645, 100 S. BROAD STREET STE 30, PHILADELPHIA, PA 19110-9997

How long it takes customer support to respond on my request?

It depends on a day and how much workload there is. If there a big tournament or game going on and for some reason there was a line or any other error within the app. Most likely Fliff customer support will get plenty of open new tickets. Therefore it might take some time to respond for every ticket. Our personal advice – be patient. They will come back.

Where is Fliff legal to use?

Following states are already legal and you can use Fliff Sportsbook without any issues:

Can I bet on the Fliff Sportsbook app anonymously?

No, because you must create a username, all players must be logged into their account, where you can find their wallet balance. To prevent the creation of bots or malware in other users’ wallets, the game provides users with a safety verification method via email. Security has been one of the app’s most appealing features, with other users rating it as a safe app.

Can I watch any sports via the Fliff Sportsbook app?

Fliff does not provide its users with live public games where they can keep track of the ongoing problem. They will, however, provide you with a live breakdown of the game’s actions to keep users informed of their bets. The app works flawlessly, but adding a live option may degrade the user’s experience due to app issues.

How to download Fliff for iOS Iphone?

Apple iOS users can get the app from the App Store. With its small size, it is ideal for playing on the go and winning. Users must follow the steps below to download the app:
1) Install the app on your Apple iOS device from the App Store (iPhone or iPad).
2) Once downloaded, create an account by creating a username and password that are linked to your email address.
3) Using your credit or debit card, purchase Fliff Coins. Then, in the lower right corner of the main screen, click the Cashier symbol to purchase various Fliff Coins packages.

My Fliff cash balance is 0 yet I’m not getting the daily free Fliff Cash??

If you have any pending picks then that’s the reason why you are not receiving any Free Fliff Cash. As soon pending tickets are finished you will start receiving.

Anyone know a working Fliff promo code?

If you are new to Fliff then you can use A6197 as Promo Code. Make sure you enter the code when signing up.

What is Social Gaming?

Free-to-play and pay-for-play games without monetary prizes. Commonly seen as raising trend of mobile game in App store. Apps with similar mechanics are FarmVille, Coin Masters and similar.

What are Sweepstakes?

Games of chance to promote a product or service and do not require payment to enter.

Should I share Pick ID when sharing my winning tickets?

No. Pick ID is just random information that helps Fliff internally. Nothing user sensitive there.

If we have some cash on our account from this month will it still remain on our account next month?

Money earned while using Fliff will always remain in your account unless you lose or withdraw it.

Why Apple pay is not working new Fliff account?

Is it because, most likely, you have not verified your age? Fliff can be used only by users who are 18+.

Do boosted plays take longer to settle on Fliff?

Bet settlement is entirely dependent on the third-party provider, who usually provides odds. As a result, it’s difficult to say whether boosted plays take longer to settle than regular plays. Because it is dependent on a third-party company. Sportradar is one of these companies, and Michael Jordan serves on its board of directors.

Is there a limit on how much you can withdraw per month?


If i bet on a players under and he doesn’t play does my parlay get booted or do i win?

You get your money back as the pick gets voided.

What’s the max you can bet on NBA/MLB Sides/Moneylines/Totals on Fliff?

It’s max $250 on a play, but minimum is $0.5

How is Fliff legal?

Fliff is legal in many US states, because it operates as sweepstakes company. Meaning, you are not required to deposit money in order to play. But you get daily Free Fliff Coins which you can use to predict outcome of sweepstake events (games). If you are good enough, or consistent by completing the challenges you can earn experience points which can be redeemed as rewards (real money) or you can use them to purchase Fliff Cash which can be redeemed.

Why are SGP odds calculated differently from normal parlay odds?

It’s because the outcomes of the legs in a normal parlay are independent, whereas the outcomes of the legs in an SGP are often correlated to one another

I have over $50 worth of XP, can I buy Fliff cash with it and cash out immediately? Or will it require me to bet it once?

You have to bet it once. However, it’s important to note that odds have to be -300 or less to be able to cash out.

Here details from Sweepstake rules from Fliff:
3.7. Unless Sponsor/Promoter requires otherwise, any Fliff Cash allocated to a Participant is required to be played once at a price -300 or longer (e.g. -200, +100, +200…etc) before it is eligible to be redeemed. Sponsor/Promoter may, in its sole discretion, require that any Fliff Cash allocated to a Participant must be played a greater number of times (not exceeding 20) in any combination of Fliff Cash games before it is eligible to be redeemed.

Can I use the same card on multiple accounts? 

Theoretically you can, but you may get flagged so it’s not suggested. Once you are blocked you won’t be able to use app anymore.

I’ve made over $50 with the starting $5 Fliff gives you. If I cash out and go back to zero will I continue to get the daily $1?

Every-time you cash out or are bellow $5 you can get your free daily $1 up to $5. If you get the $0.10 too you can finesse and get to $4.90 then collect free $1 the next day and have up to $5.90.

How does fliff cash daily rewards work? Because i can go for like 6 hours without claiming it and i can only claim 10 cents but then ill sleep and wake up and its only been 5 hours but i can claim a dollar

If you have under $5 in your Fliff Cash wallet, then throughout the night it automatically give you a dollar! Day time is 10 cent every 2 hours.

Will I still be able to use Fliff cash if I leave the US for a month and a half?

Yes, you should be able to use Fliff cash even if you’re outside the US. However, you may not be able to redeem it during that time.

Can I withdraw my funds to my brother’s bank account?

Yes, you can withdraw to the same account you deposited into, or you can make a small deposit via your brother’s bank account and then withdraw the money.

Why does it say I have $0 available to withdraw when I have more than $400 in my account?

Fliff has a 1x rollover requirement, which means you need to wager the deposited amount before being able to withdraw. Make sure you meet the wagering requirements.

Does anyone have a VPN that works for depositing? I’m in Tennessee, and it’s banned suddenly.

No information provided about a working VPN for depositing on Fliff.

How do I withdraw Fliff cash?

To withdraw Fliff cash, go to your character profile, click the three lines in the top right corner, and select the Fliff cash withdrawal option.

Can you buy the $50 package, get 100 Fliff cash, transfer it to your bank, and essentially make $50?

You need to have a successful playthrough and rollover for all Fliff cash before you can withdraw.

I placed a parlay and went 4/4, but the last game went into overtime. Will it be a push or a loss?

The outcome depends on the sport and the bet you made. It’s recommended to check the specific rules for the type of bet you placed.

I placed a bet on the Tennessee baseball game, which was suspended. It has since finished, but I haven’t been paid yet.

If the game has been completed and you haven’t received your payout, you may need to contact Fliff’s customer support for assistance.

I got paid out for a bet I won, but then my account went negative and the bet went back to pending. Has this happened to anyone before?

It would be best to contact the customer support of the platform in question to inquire about the specific situation and seek assistance.

I live in the US, but I’m an international student, so I don’t have a Social Security Number (SSN). What should I do?

If you’re an international student without a Social Security Number, you may face limitations when it comes to certain financial activities in the US. In this case, it’s recommended to contact the platform’s customer support to inquire about alternative identification methods or options for users without an SSN.

Has anyone made a withdrawal recently? I made mine on Thursday, and it still hasn’t processed after seven days.

It seems that fews user in the Fliff community experienced a delay in their withdrawal. It’s advisable to reach out to the customer support of the platform to inquire about the specific situation and get an update on the withdrawal processing time.

Can I cash out into a Cash App account?

It’s recommended to consult the platform’s terms and conditions or contact their customer support for information on available withdrawal options.

How do I use the experience points money? I have 31¢ but can’t place a bet with it.

Experience points (XP) are typically used as a measure of progress or level within a platform or game. Either you collect enough so you can exchange for Fliff Cash bundle OR you buy a Gift Card. This way you can convert XP into real money value.

What are the coins and XP used for? Are they worthless? Can I get gift cards with them?

Fliff Coins are considered worthless and serve no significant purpose other than providing fun or entertainment. You can climb on leaderboard, bet without any risk and compete with your friends. XP (experience points) may have some value within the platform where when you collect enough of them you can exchange for Fliff Cash bundles or Gift Cards.

Is there an official Discord? If so, can I get the link?

No, Fliff does not have official Discord account.

Any chance they will do a Steph Curry-like promo bet for the World Cup?

Most likely they will do that kind of promotions in future, but when no one knows except the Fliff owners.

Can I change my name / username on Fliff?

No, once account is created, you can’t change your username.If you really wish to change username then you can reach out the customer support.

Skrill vs. bank transfer, which is better?

The choice between the two methods depends on personal preferences, fees, convenience, and availability in your specific location. It’s advisable to research both options, compare their pros and cons, and consider factors such as fees, transaction speed, and ease of use. We recommend Skrill because you can get withdraw the money faster.

Can I redeem the free Fliff Cash if I have an active withdrawal?

No. You need to wait till your money is on your account and once you get the money and once the withdrawal process is over you are eligible for Fliff Cash and you will be able to redeem it.

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