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Fliff’s latest release (May 2, 2023 Version 4.6.169) offers users the opportunity to create their own unique 3D avatars, using the popular Ready Player Me (RPM) platform, which can instantly translate a user’s photo into a 3D avatar. With just a selfie, Fliff’s system generates a digital version of yourself that can be customized according to your preferences. Experience the ease and convenience of creating your very own personalized avatar at Fliff.

For those who prefer not to grant camera access, pre-designed 3D avatars are also available. While Fliff currently supports both old 2D and new 3D avatars, but we think they might remove the old avatars eventually.

By creating a digital representation of themselves, users can not only look cool but also use their avatar in other applications on the internet.

How to Create 3D avatar on Fliff?

In case you just updated your existing application then Fliff will show you modal promoting switch to new 3D avatars. This and other steps you can see in the table.

First step:
After updating the application, users can choose to either keep using their current 2D avatars or switch to the new 3D avatars.
Second step:
To make a new 3D avatar, click the “Create 3D Avatar” button and log in to Ready Player Me. After registration or login, you will be redirected back to Fliff to continue creating your avatar. It’s important to mention that once you’ve registered with RPM and created an avatar with Fliff, you can use the same avatar across various internet applications.
Third Step:
If you haven’t already granted Fliff permission to use your camera, you will be prompted to do so before you can create a 3D avatar.

Once camera access is granted, you’ll be taken through the 3D avatar creation process using ReadyPlayer Me.
Fourth Step:
You can customize your avatar’s background color by choosing from 12 different variations.

Once you’ve made your selection, you can either save your avatar or click the “Edit Avatar” button to continue editing your avatar.
Fifth Step:
Lastly, once updated, your new 3D avatar will appear in various places across the application. From profile, settings page, results page, leaderboard and more.

Wanna test how avatar creation works? You can try it here.

About Ready Player Me

With Ready Player Me, users can easily create a personalized 3D avatar for use across virtual and augmented reality platforms. The avatar can be customized with features such as clothing, hairstyle, and accessories, and can be seamlessly integrated into virtual experiences and games. Ready Player Me is compatible with a growing number of platforms, including VRChat and Mozilla Hubs, providing a versatile and engaging way to express oneself in the virtual world.

More about Ready Player Me you can find here. Just recently they closed another investment round so most likely we will see them more often around internet.

Example of Ready Player Me integration with BMW

Frequently Asked Questions

How to change my avatar?

Go to Wallet > Hamburger Menu > Change Avatar and you have option to create new 3D avatar or use existing 2D avatars. However, it’s clever to create a 3D avatar because old 2D avatars will be removed.

Can I use 2D avatars forever?

No, according to the developers and app interface the 2D avatars are removed as soon you switch to new 3D avatars. In case you switch to 3D Avatars you are not able to access the old 2D Avatars.

How to switch from 2D to 3D avatars?

Navigate to Wallet > three lines / hamburger menu > Change Avatar
Once you are there you can tap on “Create a New Avatar” and the process of creating new 3D avatar will start. We recommend to create a Avatar with camera because then the avatar will be unique. Customise it and that’s it.

How to create multiple 3D avatars on Fliff?

Fliff natively, does not support multiple avatars. However, platform which provides 3D avatars supports an option to have multiple avatars. Meaning, if you have Ready Player Me account. Then you can create and manage multiple avatars from your 3D hub or metaverse.


Which avatar platform Fliff is using?

3D Avatar platform name is Ready Player Me with HQ in Tallinn, Harjumaa, Estonia.

Can I buy unique accessories for my Fliff avatar?

At the moment this is not possible.

Does Fliff has avatar drops?

No, Fliff does not sell any avatars or it’s accessories. At least as of the time writing this article.

Can I use my 3D avatar from Fliff in other applications?

Yes, the avatar you created with Fliff can be used in other platforms. However, you need to create a Ready Player Me account and save your avatar to their platform. Meaning, before you create a new avatar in Fliff we suggest you to create or login in with Ready Player Me and once you are logged in into their platform you can create your own and unique avatar on Fliff.

Avatar you created in Fliff can be reused in any application, game or platform which has integrated Ready Player Me avatars.

Why Fliff needs access to my camera?

In case you want to create an unique 3D avatar then Fliff requires access to your camera. Camera might be used for your ID verification process, but that’s now something completely different topic.

Why I can’t access my avatar on Fliff?

In case Fliff does not have connection to their avatar provider service then most likely they will show an error message or empty state indicating there is service issue.

Why my 3D avatar is gone?

In case you already had 3D avatar on Fliff and decided to create a new one. You need to be aware that the current avatar is automatically deleted. You can only have one avatar at the time.

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