Fliff 5 Dollars A Day

Fliff $5 Dollar A Day campaign was launched during the 2023 NFL season. Originally intended to run for just half a month, it was extended through the end of September 2023 due to the numerous maintenance tasks Fliff needed to address.

When Does Fliff Give You Five Dollars A Day?

People often ask when does Fliff give $5? As seen on Reddit:

So here is your answer, in September 2023, there was a promotion offering $5 per day for the NFL season. However, in December of the previous year (2022), they extended the promotion throughout every day of that month, including up to Christmas. Also, this is just a promotion. Does not happen every day.

Fliff 5 Dollar A Day was only for players who have zero balance and no pending bets!

But, no need to worry! Fliff still gives you free money for betting every day. The only difference is that now, on regular days, they give you just $1 each day.

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