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Alaska’s unique geography poses challenges for sweepstakes and betting regulations due to its separation from the contiguous US. Currently, there are no legal sports betting options available in the state.

However, charitable organizations are allowed to organize certain forms of gambling, including fantasy sports, bingo, and dogsledding. Here overview what’s available in Fliff Alaska.

Fliff Alaska
Betting with Fliff Cash / Sweepstakes Fully available
Betting with Fliff Coins Fully available
Fliff Casino Currently not available
Payment Methods Supported Skrill, Wels Fargo, Visa, Master Card, Bank Of America, JPMorgan Chase Bank, U.S. Bancorp, PayPal
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Updated on 8 July, 2023

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Understanding Sweepstakes and Betting Regulations

There are currently no legal sports betting options available in Alaska. As it stands, gambling is limited to fantasy sports, sweepstakes, bingo, and dogsledding. Even still, bingo and dogsledding are only available when run by a charitable organization.

With Fliff Sports Picks, enjoy sports prediction games, challenge friends, and play for fun or compete for cash prizes. Fliff is a unique social and sweepstakes sports picks app, offering legal, thrilling games to players in over 40 states. Understanding the differences between sweepstakes, contests, and lotteries is essential for navigating Alaska’s betting landscape.

Alaska’s Unique Challenges

Alaska’s separation from the rest of the United States presents challenges for its residents when it comes to accessing legal sports betting options.

The closest state with legalized sports betting, Washington, requires a days-long drive through Canada, making it inconvenient for Alaskans to place sports wagers in person.

The Journey Towards Legalization

The road to legalizing sports betting in Alaska has been slow. Despite the overturning of the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act (PASPA) in 2018, Alaska has been hesitant to address the issue.

The state’s stable revenue flow from the successful oil industry has diminished the urgency of legalizing sports betting compared to other states facing financial challenges.

Attempts and Prospects

In the past, voters resisted several attempts to legalize sports betting in Alaska.However, recent proposals from Governor Mike Dunleavy indicate a shifting sentiment. Although bills proposed in 2020 expired due to the COVID-19 pandemic, there remains hope for future progress.

The Potential Benefits

Legalizing sports betting in Alaska could bring significant benefits to the state’s economy. At present, estimates suggest that Alaskan residents annually spend around $348 million on sports betting outside of the state. If legalized, sports betting could generate at least $100 million per year in revenue, offering a much-needed boost to the state’s budget.

Navigating Sweepstakes Laws

To ensure compliance with sweepstakes laws in Alaska, it is important to remember that a promotion can only have two of the following three elements: prize, chance, and consideration. Consideration can include a fee or significant effort on the part of participants. Furthermore, it is mandatory for all sweepstakes to offer a free method of entry, and winners are responsible for paying taxes on their prizes.


Alaska’s sweepstakes and betting regulations present unique challenges and opportunities. While sports betting legalization has been slow, recent proposals and changing fiscal dynamics indicate a potential shift towards its implementation. Navigating the distinctions between sweepstakes, contests, and lotteries, and understanding the necessary permits and regulations is crucial for individuals and organizations looking to operate within the state’s gambling landscape.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Fliff Sports Picks available in Alaska?

Answer is, yes. Reason why is because Fliff operates as a sweepstakes company and it’s not a just another sportsbook where people usually gamble. With Fliff you can play games with Fliff Coins and compete against your friends. Or simply compete on leaderboard.

Is sports betting permitted in Alaska?

As of now, traditional sports betting is not legally allowed in Alaska. However, residents of Alaska have the opportunity to engage in other forms of gambling, such as fantasy sports betting, instant games, bingo, multi-state draw games, and keno. While sports betting options may be restricted, there are still alternative gambling activities available for Alaskans to participate in within the state.

Can I play Fliff Sports Picks for fun, or are there cash prizes involved?

You have the option to play Fliff Sports Picks both for fun and to compete for cash prizes. Whether you prefer friendly competition or want to aim for cash rewards, Fliff offers an enjoyable gaming experience.

How can I get started with Fliff Sports Picks in Alaska?

Getting started with Fliff Sports Picks is easy. Simply download the Fliff app from your mobile device’s app store, create an account, and start making your sports predictions. Enjoy the excitement of sports gaming right from the comfort of your home in Alaska.

Are there any fees associated with playing Fliff Sports Picks?

Fliff Sports Picks offers both free-to-play and paid options. While you can enjoy the app and participate in games without spending money, there may be certain contests or features that require a fee or entry cost. Make sure to review the app’s terms and conditions for more details.

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