Betr Sports Betting App Review

The world of sports betting is undergoing a revolution, and at the forefront of this transformation is Betr. Founded by Joey Levy, Betr is on a mission to simplify and enhance the sports betting experience for mainstream users, setting its sights on disrupting the industry giants FanDuel and DraftKings. In this article, we delve into the vision, potential, and strategies that drive Betr’s mission.

The Vision Behind Betr

Joey Levy, the mastermind behind Betr, has been chasing a singular goal for a decade: building a category-defining consumer product experience for mainstream sports fans. This journey began when he recognized the need for a more accessible and engaging betting experience for the casual sports enthusiast.

Raising the Stakes: The $50 Million Series A

While many startups begin with a seed round, Better took a different route, raising an impressive $50 million in a Series A round. The decision to skip the seed stage was strategic, driven by the belief that this substantial investment would provide the resources needed to prove their concept.

In the fiercely competitive world of sports betting, where industry giants offer enticing bonuses and incentives, Bet’s $50 million investment may seem like a David against Goliath. However, the company’s unique approach and strategy have set them apart.

What Is Betr?

Betr is set to be the world’s first micro-betting-focused app, simplifying the experience for all. Joe’s vision is to redefine real-money gaming for U.S. consumers, backed by a top-notch team. While Jake Paul is in charge for Media, influencer side of business.

In partnership with influencer Jake Paul, Betr aims to engage the next generation of sports fans. On 8th of August, 2022 Joey announced creation of Betr.

Who Owns Betr company?

People behind Betr are Joey Levy and Jake Paul among others team members in the company. In following table we will provide more details about Betr as a company with Frequently asked questions.

When was founded?Betr was founded in 2021.
Where is headquarters?Betr’s headquarters is located at 2900 NE 7th Avenue, Miami.
What is latest funding round?Betr’s latest funding round is Series A – III.
How much did raise?Betr raised a total of $96.3M.
Who are the investors?Investors of Betr include Aliya Capital Partners, FinSight Ventures, Florida Funders, Fuel Venture Capital, Eberg Capital, and 32 more.
Who are competitors?Competitors include bplay, Fliff, Sleeper, Underdog, and similar.

Joey Levy

Who is Joe and what he did before he started Betr together with Jake Paul? His journey in the world of startups began as a Thiel Fellow, and he pursued his education at Columbia University.

Joey, a seasoned entrepreneur, co-founded and served as the CEO of Draftpot, a daily fantasy sports platform that achieved a successful acquisition in 2017.

While building Draftpot, Joe encountered traditional sports betting’s complexity. Determined to simplify it, he moved to Europe in 2016 to reimagine the sports betting user interface. In 2018, with the support of visionaries like Chris Bevilacqua and Scott Marshall, Joe founded Simplebet.

Simplebet’s mission was clear: make sports betting simple and engaging. As the U.S. legalized sports betting, Simplebet shifted focus to micro-betting. Joe recognized that U.S. sports offered the perfect canvas for micro-betting, with its stop-and-start pace and frequent scoring.

Operating as a B2B company, Simplebet aimed to license its micro-betting technology. While challenges arose, the company thrived.

In addition to his active role at SimpleBet, Joey wears another hat as the Co-Founder and fulfills the role of General Partner at 305 Ventures.

Jake Paul

Jake Paul betting app Betr

In nutshell, Betr is Jake Paul’s sports betting app. Internet sensation turned boxer, Jake Paul, and sports betting data provider Simplebet’s co-founder, Joey Levy, have invested in Betr’s latest funding round.

Betr’s micro-betting app enables users to make real-time bets on in-game moments, from predicting the next pitch in baseball to guessing the next football play. This investment signals Betr’s commitment to revolutionizing sports betting with innovative, mid-game wagering opportunities.

Jake Paul, Founder and President, has a clear vision for the future. He likens micro-betting to the “TikTok-ification” of sports betting, highlighting its potential to captivate a new generation of sports enthusiasts. Ultimate goal is to become the category-defining consumer company in both sports betting and sports media.

Betr Picks

betr logo

You can make precise player stat predictions and win up to 100 times your entry fee in NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, and more.

Betr Picks is a new way to enjoy fantasy sports where you can pick MORE or LESS for your favorite players’ stats to win up to 100x your entry! Make multiple picks across the NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, and more!

Whether you’re a sports pro or casual fan, Betr Picks offers diverse player projections. Plus, it brings instant gratification with microbetting on live moments.

Betr Legal States

So where this sportsbook is available.

Arkansas πŸŸ’βœ”οΈ
District of Columbia πŸŸ’βœ”οΈ
Kansas πŸŸ’βœ”οΈ
Wyoming πŸŸ’βœ”οΈ
California πŸŸ’βœ”οΈ
Kentucky πŸŸ’βœ”οΈ
Minnesota πŸŸ’βœ”οΈ
Nebraska πŸŸ’βœ”οΈ
New Mexico πŸŸ’βœ”οΈ
North Carolina πŸŸ’βœ”οΈ
North Dakota πŸŸ’βœ”οΈ
Rhode Island πŸŸ’βœ”οΈ
South Carolina πŸŸ’βœ”οΈ
South Dakota πŸŸ’βœ”οΈ
Utah πŸŸ’βœ”οΈ
Wisconsin πŸŸ’βœ”οΈ
Alaska πŸŸ’βœ”οΈ
Oklahoma πŸŸ’βœ”οΈ
Oregon πŸŸ’βœ”οΈ
Vermont πŸŸ’βœ”οΈ
Georgia πŸŸ’βœ”οΈ
Illinois πŸŸ’βœ”οΈ
Texas πŸŸ’βœ”οΈ
Florida πŸŸ’βœ”οΈ

Comparison between Betr and Fliff?

Fliff, as betr has focus on casual sports enthusiast. Fliff and Betr offer distinct approaches to sports betting. Fliff stands out as a social, free-to-play sweepstakes sports picks app, available in 41 states, providing the opportunity to win cash prizes even in areas without online sportsbooks.

StateFliff AvailabilityBetr Availability
Alabamaβœ… Available❌ Not Available
Alaskaβœ… Availableβœ… Available
Arizonaβœ… Available❌ Not Available
Arkansasβœ… Availableβœ… Available
Californiaβœ… Availableβœ… Available
Coloradoβœ… Available❌ Not Available
Connecticutβœ… Available❌ Not Available
Delawareβœ… Available❌ Not Available
Floridaβœ… Availableβœ… Available
Georgiaβœ… Availableβœ… Available
Hawaiiβœ… Available❌ Not Available
Idahoβœ… Available❌ Not Available
Illinoisβœ… Availableβœ… Available
Indianaβœ… Available❌ Not Available
Iowaβœ… Available❌ Not Available
Kansasβœ… Availableβœ… Available
Kentuckyβœ… Availableβœ… Available
Louisianaβœ… Available❌ Not Available
Maineβœ… Availableβœ… Available
Marylandβœ… Available❌ Not Available
Massachusettsβœ… Available❌ Not Available
Michiganβœ… Available❌ Not Available
Minnesotaβœ… Availableβœ… Available
Mississippiβœ… Available❌ Not Available
Missouriβœ… Available❌ Not Available
Montanaβœ… Available❌ Not Available
Nebraskaβœ… Availableβœ… Available
Nevadaβœ… Available❌ Not Available
New Hampshireβœ… Available❌ Not Available
New Jerseyβœ… Available❌ Not Available
New Mexicoβœ… Availableβœ… Available
New Yorkβœ… Available❌ Not Available
North Carolinaβœ… Availableβœ… Available
North Dakotaβœ… Availableβœ… Available
Ohio❌ Not Availableβœ… Available
Oklahomaβœ… Availableβœ… Available
Oregonβœ… Availableβœ… Available
Pennsylvaniaβœ… Available❌ Not Available
Rhode Islandβœ… Availableβœ… Available
South Carolina❌ Not Availableβœ… Available
South Dakotaβœ… Availableβœ… Available
Tennesseeβœ… Available❌ Not Available
Texasβœ… Availableβœ… Available
Utahβœ… Availableβœ… Available
Vermontβœ… Availableβœ… Available
Virginiaβœ… Available❌ Not Available
Washington❌ Not Available❌ Not Available
West Virginiaβœ… Availableβœ… Available
Wisconsinβœ… Availableβœ… Available
Wyomingβœ… Availableβœ… Available

Fliff offers a notable advantage in that it is available in states like Alabama, Georgia, Idaho, Minnesota, Mississippi, Nevada, and South Carolina where Betr is not permitted, providing a broader reach for users looking to enjoy sports betting and win cash prizes in these regions. This wider availability makes Fliff an attractive option for users residing in states where Betr may not yet have regulatory approval.

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