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As any other sportsbook, Fliff has it’s own Bonus Code. Get up to 100 extra Fliff Cash on first purchase. In case you need one to start of with Fliff. New users can use Fliff promo code A6197 to claim our exclusive 100% first purchase match promo: get up to 600,000 Fliff Coins + 100 in Fliff Cash bonus.

Claim our bonus now:


Make sure you enter it when you will sign up for a new account. Or you simply click on this link and download the app and sign up. It will automatically be applied to your account. If you are still interested you can read how the Bonus Codes work in application such as Fliff Social Sports Betting.

What is Fliff Social Sports Betting?

Fliff is a sports betting platform active since June 2019 that operates as sweepstakes in the US. It offers both free and real-money options with cash awards and redeemable prizes won through Fliff Cash contests. Get familiar with Fliff currencies for a better betting experience.

What are Bonus Codes?

A bonus code is a special code that is used to unlock specific promotions or bonuses offered by sportsbook companies. When you enter the code into the designated field on the company’s website or mobile app, you become eligible for the bonus or promotion being offered.

The way bonus codes work can vary between sportsbook companies, but generally, they are used to offer extra incentives to customers, such as a free bet, enhanced odds, or a deposit match. The bonus code acts as a way to track which users are taking advantage of the offer, and it also allows the sportsbook to control the distribution and duration of the promotion.

It is important to read the terms and conditions of the promotion or bonus before using a bonus code, as some promotions may have specific requirements, such as a minimum deposit or a certain amount of time to use the bonus.

Fliff Important Terms and Conditions:

  • Promotional offer only valid for new users that are 18+ years old
  • Purchase of Fliff Coins is not required to participate in sweepstakes
  • In-app purchases do not increase a player’s odds of winning sweepstakes
  • Fliff Cash credits will only be given to users with less than $5 available in Fliff Cash in their account
  • Fliff Coins are not eligible for cash withdrawals. 

In case you are wondering how sweepstake rules are applied on Fliff you can check here on our comprehensive Fliff sweepstake guide.

Where to get your own Bonus Code?

You can reach out to Fliff support via website, social networks or by email at: support@getfliff.com and simply ask for Affiliate program Bonus Code. They won’t allow everyone to be their affiliate, but if you think you have your chances go ahead and request one. In case you are good player with wide circle of friends willing to join free-to-play sportsbook you can easily generate a new invite code and share. Just go to Invite Friends page and share the code or link with everyone.

Why Fliff social sports betting?

Odds Boosters

Fliff, like many sportsbooks, provides featured odds boosts for select sporting events on a regular basis. These featured boosts are great ways to bolster your bankroll. Be sure to vet the boost, though, as not all of them may be favorable to the player.

Customer Service

Fliff does offer Customer Service, but it is somewhat lacking. There is no direct telephone number to contact Fliff, so users are left with the following options: 

Response time varies based on our experience. Fliff does not make mention of how long a reply could take. The ticketing system only confirms that they’ve received your request. Clearly, this is an area Fliff could improve upon, as it is a toss-up in its current form.

Fliff Sports Betting Withdrawal

Fliff users must withdraw Fliff Cash (minimum $50), not Fliff Coins, after 1x play-through and verification (ID, selfie, and possibly SSN). Two options for withdrawal exist once all requirements are met.

  • Bank Transfer
  • Skrill

Make sure you check our guide on how to withdraw your money from Fliff by clicking here.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Does Fliff have a promo code?

Yes! New users can use our exclusive promo code for Fliff: A6197 to get $25 instantly upon signing up.

Where is Fliff available to play?

Fliff is available in every state except Washington and seven others: AL, GA, ID, MN, MS, NV, and SC.

What is the difference between sweepstakes gaming and a traditional sportsbook?

Fliff is a sweepstakes gaming site widely available in the US due to different regulations than sportsbooks. Users must purchase Fliff Coins to use the site and collect Fliff Cash for real-money games and prizes.

What is the difference between Fliff Coins and Fliff Cash?

Fliff Cash
Fliff Cash is equivalent to a sportsbook bankroll and can be used to claim prizes or withdrawn as profit ($50 minimum). It cannot be purchased, only earned through the Fliff app.

Fliff Coins
Fliff Coins allow users to make picks without risking real money and earn experience points and Fliff Cash. Fliff Cash can be acquired through various methods.
– Purchase
– Coins be claimed every two hours in the app for free in Cashier tab
– Winning picks
– Completing Challenges
– Rewards offerings (i.e. Refer a Friend)

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