Fliff Arbitrage Calculator

Arbitrage Calculator

Bet #2 $100.00
Total Bet $200.00
$ Profit -$9.09
% Profit -4.5455%

Introducing the Fliff Sports Picks Arbitrage Calculator: Boost Your Profits with Smart Betting Strategies

Are you a savvy sports bettor looking to maximize your profits? Look no further than the Fliff Sports Picks Arbitrage Calculator. This powerful tool empowers you to make strategic decisions, ensuring profitability regardless of the outcome of a sporting event. At Fliff, we understand the importance of hedging and arbitrage in the world of sports betting, and our calculator is designed to give you a competitive edge.

How Fliff Sports Picks Arbitrage Calculator Works


  1. # of Bets: Determine the number of distinct possible non-push outcomes of the event. Think of it as the number of horses in a race, each representing a potential winning outcome.
  2. Bet #1: Enter the amount you wish to bet on the first outcome.
  3. Line #N: Specify the line offered on event #N, where N is the number of the event.


The Fliff Sports Picks Arbitrage Calculator provides you with essential outputs, including the number of bets, the recommended bet on the first outcome, and the line offered on each event.

Unlock Profitable Opportunities with Fliff Sports Picks

Imagine a world where every bet is an opportunity for profit. The Fliff Sports Picks Arbitrage Calculator identifies profitable scalping opportunities by leveraging discrepancies in the odds offered by rival sportsbooks. By betting strategically on every potential outcome, you can secure risk-free profits, irrespective of the final result.


Let's say one book offers the Yankees to win against the Blue Jays at -150, while another book offers the Blue Jays to win against the Yankees at +155. With Fliff Sports Picks Arbitrage Calculator, you can calculate the optimal bets, ensuring a risk-free profit of $1.31 or 0.791% for every $100 bet on the Yankees.

Additional Benefits:

  • Apply the calculator to contests with multiple outcomes, such as the number of contestants in a season of American Idol or teams in the NCAA tournament, and enjoy a consistent profit of +25% regardless of the outcome.
  • Determine the theoretical hold, also known as vig or juice, charged by a book on a given market. Fliff Sports Picks Arbitrage Calculator provides insights into the expected average earnings for the book.

Fliff Sports Picks Arbitrage Calculator Tips

  • Convert exchange money lines + commission into zero commission sportsbook-equivalent lines automatically. For example, inputting "​+100 2%"​ converts to a zero commission line of -102.04.

At Fliff Guru, we believe in arming our community with the best tools for success. Try our Arbitrage Calculator today and elevate your sports betting game. Bet smart, win big with Fliff Sports Picks!

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