Fliff Half-Point Calculator

Uncover the value of buying or selling half-points in NBA, NFL, MLB (totals only), NCAA Basketball, and NCAA Football. This versatile tool suits both experienced bettors and novices. Explore the benefits, usage, and the best sportsbooks for this strategy.

Half-Point Calculator

Push Prob
Fave Price
Fave Edge
Dog Price
Dog Edge


  • League: NFL, NBA, MLB (totals), NCAA Basketball (‘NCAABK’), NCAA Football (‘NCAAFB’).
  • Bet Type: Spread or total.
  • Odds Type: US or decimal.
  • Spread/Total: Enter the desired spread or total.
  • Fave/Over Price: Money line adjustment for the favorite or over.
  • Dog/Under Price: Money line adjustment for the underdog or under.
  • Click “Calculate.”


  • Spread/Total: Displays spreads or totals within 1.5 points.
  • Push Prob: Probability of pushing against the given spread/total.
  • Fave/Over Price: Payout odds on the favorite/over.
  • Fave/Over Edge: Indicates juice paid or edge received on the favorite/over.
  • Dog/Under Price: Payout odds on the underdog/under.
  • Dog/Under Edge: Reveals juice paid or edge received on the underdog/under.

Example: Considering NFL spreads, input data from the offshore market and local market. Analyze different spread scenarios for optimum profit.

How Much is a Half-Point Worth? Most sportsbooks allow buying half-points for $0.10. Understand the delicate balance between success and profit by utilizing this tool. See how buying/selling points affects your edge on the favorite and underdog.

Advantages of Fliff Half-Point Calculator:

  • Quick, simple, and efficient.
  • Suitable for NBA, NFL, NCAA Basketball, NCAA Football, and MLB (totals).
  • Presents fair values for half-point transactions.
  • Offers American or decimal odds options.
  • Clear and accessible format for informed decisions.

How to Use:

  1. Enter league, bet type, and odds type.
  2. Input spread/total, fave/over price, and dog/under price.
  3. Click “Calculate” for statistical insights.
  4. Edit the bottom section based on other sportsbooks’ offerings.
  5. Evaluate best and worst bets for half-point transactions.

When to Purchase Half Points: Learn optimal bets and avoid pitfalls when buying or selling half-points. Understand common margin scenarios and strategize purchases, ensuring a solid betting approach.

Elevate your betting game with the Fliff Half-Point Calculator, making precision decisions for enhanced profitability!

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