Reverse Bet Calculator

Learn how to maximize your bets with the Reverse Bet Calculator. Understand inputs, outputs, and strategies for successful reverse betting.

Reverse Bet Calculator

(Takes Decimal or US Odds)
Max Win:$545
Total Risk:$49.60
Situational Result: $545


  • Reverse Type: WIN ONLY or ACTION (pushes terminate or continue the IF bet)
  • Notional Bet: Amount in dollars for the reverse bet
  • Number of Games: Count of games in the reverse bet
  • Game N: Line on event# N and results (WIN, PUSH, or LOSS)


  • Reverse Type: WIN ONLY or ACTION (based on input)
  • Notional Bet: Dollar amount for the reverse bet
  • Number of Games: Count of games in the reverse bet
  • Game N: Line on event# N and results (WIN, PUSH, or LOSS)

More Information:

Understanding Reverse Bets

Discover how a reverse bet functions, exploring the concept of if-bets and how a reverse bet covers all possible two-team combinations.

How to Use the Calculator

Master the steps to effectively use the Reverse Bet Calculator, including specifying reverse types, entering notional bets, odds, and game results.

Action Reverse Bet Explained:

Unveil the world of action reverse bets, their advantages, and scenarios. Learn when to opt for win-only reverse bets or action reverse bets.

Situational Outcomes:

Explore the various possible outcomes based on game results. Understand maximum win, total risk, and how a reverse bet insures against losses.

Using the Calculator:

Step-by-step guide on inputting data into the calculator. Easily calculate maximum wins, total risks, and situational results for your reverse bets.

Why Choose Action Reverse Bets?

Understand the complexities and benefits of action reverse bets. Gain insight into their simplicity and the calculator’s ability to simplify your decision-making.

Flexibility in Betting:

Learn how to utilize the flexibility of choosing between WIN ONLY and ACTION, providing a comprehensive understanding of potential outcomes.

Whether you’re a novice or a seasoned bettor, the Reverse Bet Calculator ensures precision and convenience for your betting strategy.

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