Can’t Buy Fliff Cash

Are you an avid Fliff Sports Picks enthusiast, wondering why you can no longer purchase Fliff Cash on the Android version of the app? Don’t worry; you’re not alone. Several users on Reddit have raised concerns about this issue.

However, it’s essential to clarify that this change seems to be specific to the recently released Android version of Fliff. The good news is, there’s still a way to get your hands on Fliff Cash and enjoy all the features you love.

Let’s dive into the details, explore why this change occurred, and how you can continue to enhance your Fliff Sports Picks experience.

Summary Table

Android VersionLatest Release DateFliff Cash Availability
Version 4.6.183Oct 9, 2023Not Included in In-App Purchases on Android

Fliff Android App Update

The Android version of the Fliff Sports Picks app recently received a significant update, marked as Version 4.6.183. This update brought several changes and improvements, but one specific change has caught the attention of many users: Fliff Cash is no longer available as an in-app purchase option on Android.

This change has understandably caused confusion and concern among users who relied on Fliff Cash for various in-app benefits. It’s important to note that this alteration is not a universal one across all platforms. Users of the iOS version of the app are unaffected and can still purchase Fliff Cash as before.

Fliff Cash Not Available Android

Where to Buy Fliff Cash Now?

If you’re an Android user who’s accustomed to buying Fliff Cash within the app, don’t fret. The Fliff Team hasn’t left you high and dry. Instead, they’re redirecting you to their web platform to make Fliff Cash purchases. This means that you can still acquire Fliff Cash and enjoy all the features it unlocks, but you’ll need to do it through the Fliff App website.

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