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Fliff as such does not have direct competitor and therefore there is no 1 / 1 alternative. There are many sportsbook apps with different features, but none of them have exactly the same feature set as Fliff has. In this article we will cover all Fliff “alternatives” and competitors.

Fliff Sports Picks

Fliff app store

With all the features offered by offshore sportsbooks, the Fliff Sports Picks app provides a special and thrilling possibility to earn free money. Fliff offers a novel method to play where you get Free Coins that may be used to advance on the leaderboard and gain influence rather than a transactional experience. Switching to Fliff Cash and placing bets is simple if you are confident in your abilities. You also have the choice to redeem or withdraw earnings.

For more Fliff Coins and Fliff Cash, you may also purchase Fliff bundles and gift cards from well-known retailers.

View the picks of other players by following their tickets and accessing their profiles on the Activity page. The only tickets that may be viewed are those that were placed with Fliff Coins. From there you can copy their picks and place exactly the same picks as they did.

Earn XP or experience points by inviting friends, completing challenges, and earning 2 XP for each challenge completed. These XP can then be redeemed for Gift Cards or Fliff Bundles. In case you want to learn more how the experience points work you can read here.

PrizePicks – Fantasy Game

PrizePicks app store

PrizePicks is a daily fantasy sports app that allows users to draft a lineup of players from various sports leagues, such as the NFL, NBA, MLB, and NHL, and compete for cash prizes based on the real-life performance of those players. What’s different at PrizePicks in comparison to other sports fantasy games is the fact that interface is really straight forward and simple to use. Anyone can just download the app and start using it without too much thinking.

It offers a unique twist on traditional daily fantasy sports by offering fixed-odds contests, where users know the potential payout for each pick before draft, rather than having the payout determined by the number of entries and the performance of the players selected by those entries.

As mentioned at the start PrizePicks can not be considered Fliff’s competitor nor alternative as it operates in completely different category. It’s more a competitor of FanDuel and Draft Kings. PrizePicks is impressive app which already at the time generated 100k+ positive reviews on App store.

Pikkit: Sports Bet Tracker

Pikkit app store

Pikkit is a sports betting tracker, as the title suggests. It was designed to help sports bettors in trying to keep track of their wagers and betting history. The app allows users to keep track of their wagers, including the sport, team, odds, and outcome, as well as a summary of their overall win/loss record.

It could also include features such as a betting calendar, odds comparison, and personalized stats analysis to assist users in making informed betting decisions and effectively managing their sports betting activities.

Pikkit: Sports Bet Tracker’s goal is to provide bettors with a nice and organized way to track their bets. They can indeed analyze results and identify trends and patterns in order to make more informed betting decisions in the future. In comparison to Pikkit,

Fliff in comparison to Pikkit is completely something else. But since Pikkit was founded Aug 25, 2020 in NYC and operates in United States. Some people think they are alternative. Therefore we wanted to remove confusion between those two. Fliff is place where you can enjoy sports betting in new, engaging way, while Pikkit can be used to track those picks and in case you want to analyze.

Underdog Fantasy Sports

Underdog fantasy app store

Similar to PrizePicks, Underdog Fantasy Sports is a fantasy sports application where users can create and join fantasy leagues to compete against each other based on the performance of real-life athletes in various sports such as football, basketball, cricket, and more.

The goal is to draft a team of athletes and score points based on their actual performances in games. The person with the most points at the end of the league wins. And that’s about it. Not much not less. However, we need to mention 8.9k+ 5 star reviews on App store.

Takeaway: Fliff does not have direct alternative competitor

At the moment we are writing this article there is no real and direct competitor to Fliff operating in United States. So we can be happy that Fliff turned in such a great, easy to use mobile application where everyone can experience sports betting in more entertaining way.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any apps similar to Fliff for sports betting?

While Fliff offers a unique experience with its Free Coins and leaderboard advancement, there are several apps in the sports betting realm that offer different features and approaches. These alternatives include PrizePicks, Pikkit, and Underdog Fantasy Sports.

What sets PrizePicks apart from Fliff?

PrizePicks is distinct from Fliff as it focuses on daily fantasy sports with fixed-odds contests. Users draft players from various leagues and compete for cash prizes based on real-life athlete performance. While both apps offer engaging sports entertainment, they differ in their approach to gameplay and rewards.

Is Pikkit a direct alternative to Fliff?

Pikkit is a sports bet tracker that helps users keep tabs on their betting history and wagers. While some might consider Pikkit an alternative to Fliff due to its betting-related features, the two apps serve different purposes. Fliff offers an immersive sports betting experience, while Pikkit aids in organizing and analyzing bets.

How does Underdog Fantasy Sports compare to Fliff?

Underdog Fantasy Sports is a fantasy sports app that allows users to create teams of real athletes and compete for points based on their performances. While it shares similarities with Fliff in terms of sports engagement, it operates in the realm of fantasy leagues and differs in its gameplay mechanics.

How do I choose the best alternative to Fliff?

Choosing the best alternative depends on your preferences. If you enjoy daily fantasy sports with fixed-odds contests, PrizePicks might be suitable. If tracking bets and analyzing wagering history is your priority, Pikkit could be beneficial. Consider your gaming goals and the features that resonate most with you.

Are there any other apps that are similar to Fliff in terms of concept?

While the apps mentioned offer elements of sports entertainment, none replicate Fliff’s exact concept of Free Coins for leaderboard advancement. Fliff’s unique approach makes it stand out in the sports betting landscape.

How to find best Fliff Alternative?

We suggest you to search for similar apps, but as at the time of writing this article there is no fully fledged sportsbook app.

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