Does Fliff Stop Giving You Money?

Fliff, a sports picks platform, recently altered its Sweepstake Rules (November 2, 2023), affecting the distribution of FREE Fliff Cash. Users now face stricter criteria, with bonuses only available when their balance plus pending bets are less than $1.

Various methods, including purchasing Fliff Coins and participating in social media contests, exist for users to acquire Fliff Cash. However, user experiences on the subreddit suggest dissatisfaction and confusion about the changes. To adapt, users can explore alternatives like the Free Mail-In Entry. In essence, understanding the modified rules is crucial for maximizing Fliff Cash rewards in the evolving landscape.

Research Findings

Fliff offers various avenues for users to receive Fliff Cash:

(a) Collecting Free Fliff Coins

Users can claim free Fliff Coins periodically, and as a bonus, receive Fliff Cash if their Wallet balance is zero and with no pending Fliff Cash redemptions. However, a new stipulation has been added – if a user’s balance plus pending bets are $1 or more, they won’t receive additional free Fliff Cash until that amount is lost.

(b) Purchasing Fliff Coins

Participants automatically receive Fliff Cash as a free bonus when purchasing Fliff Coins, as indicated on the platform at the time of purchase.

(c) Social Media Giveaway Contests

Fliff regularly holds no-cost giveaway contests on social media, allowing users to enter and potentially win Fliff Cash. The amount given away is specified in the contest post.

(d) Free Mail-In Entry Method

Users in the United States can send a mail-in request to receive Fliff Cash credits. However, there’s a limit of 50 mail-in requests per sweepstakes period, and the Fliff Cash is subject to account verification.

User Experience

User discussions on the r/Fliff subreddit reveal mixed experiences. Some users report a decrease in the daily cash bonuses, while others mention issues with the redemption process.

“I’ve had the app for a little over a week now. I was consistently getting $1.00 a day and $0.10 every 2 hours, but recently stopped. For reference, I have a little less than a dollar in my account.” – u/No-Butterscotch-6485

Fliff changed its ToS to where you will only get coins (not Fliff cash) if your balance plus pending bets are $1 or more. So if you get a free $1, you won’t be able to get any more free Fliff cash until you lose that $1.”u/arcanition

Possible Solutions

For those facing difficulties, alternative methods like the Free Mail-In Entry provide an avenue to acquire Fliff Cash. It’s essential to adhere to the specified process to ensure a valid request and successful credit to the participant’s account.


In conclusion, the recent changes in Fliff’s ToS have impacted the distribution of free Fliff Cash. Users must now navigate the new criteria to continue enjoying these bonuses. Understanding these changes and exploring alternative methods, such as mail-in requests, can help users adapt to the evolving landscape of Fliff promotions.

Next time you wonder, “Does Fliff stop giving you money?” – remember, the game has changed, and staying informed is key to maximizing your Fliff Cash rewards!

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