Fliff coins to cash

Before we dig deeper in this topic here short summary:

You can not turn Fliff Coins into real cash ($$$), but you can play daily with Fliff Coins and win Experience points (xp’s). By completing challenges you get xp’s and once you collected enough you can redeem those. Or you can simply use them and purchase one of your favourite Gift Cards from Fliff Gift Card shop.

In Rewards page you can see where the XP can be spentOne example is: Gift Card Shop

How to convert Fliff Coins into real money cash?

Regularly playing Fliff and completing challenges, you can earn experience points (XP) that can be utilized within the app.

The Challenges page screenshot displays various events/games that you can participate in to earn experience points. These experience points can be later exchanged for Fliff Cash and ultimately converted into real money.

As stated earlier, these XP can be exchanged for your desired Gift Card in the shop or can be used to purchase one of the Fliff Cash bundles. Once these bundles are added to your account (in your wallet), you can then withdraw them or, as Fliff likes to say, redeem them for sweepstake prizes.

It is important to note that you must have a minimum value of $50 in your wallet in order to be eligible for money withdrawal.

Even after you have those $50 in your account which came from experience points (xp’s), then you can not cash out immediately. Because Fliff just recently adapted their Sweepstakes rules.

In simple terms new rule means that:

Unless Fliff explicitly states otherwise, participants are required to play any allocated Fliff Cash at least once with a value of -300 or higher (for example, -200, +100, +200, and so on) before they can redeem it.

Fliff reserves the right to specify that participants must play the Fliff Cash a greater number of times (not exceeding 20) in any combination of Fliff Cash games before it becomes eligible for redemption.

In simpler terms, if you receive Fliff Cash, you need to use it in gameplay before you can redeem its value. The exact number of times you need to play with the Fliff Cash may vary, but it won’t exceed 20 times as determined by Fliff.

Frequently Asked Questions

What can I do with my Fliff Coins?

You can use your Fliff Coins to enter sweepstakes and play prediction games for entertainment. With Fliff Coins you get a chance to experience betting for free, compete against your friends or followers and climb the leaderboards.

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