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States that provide Fliff social sports betting

Fliff sports betting does not require a standard betting license to operate in the United States since they are a sweepstakes company. Therefore so many different rules. But that allows them to be available fully to most US states. You have the same level of access to all of Fliff’s features, promotions, and markets in the majority of these states. If you want to know which states allow betting, check out this cool interactive map here. If you want to know if Fliff is available in your state, here is a list of states where it is. This is not official data from Fliff, but something we gathered from the Fliff Community on Discord/Reddit. In addition we took latest news from this page.

US StatePlaying with Fliff CoinsPlaying with Fliff Cash
Alabama✅ Available❌ Not available
Alaska✅ Available✅ Available
Arizona✅ Available✅ Available
Arkansas✅ Available✅ Available
California✅ Available✅ Available
Colorado✅ Available✅ Available
Connecticut✅ Available✅ Available
Delaware✅ Available✅ Available
Florida✅ Available✅ Available
Georgia✅ Available❌ Not available
Hawaii✅ Available❌ Not available
Idaho✅ Available❌ Not available
Illinois✅ Available✅ Available
Indiana✅ Available✅ Available
Iowa✅ Available❌ Not available
Kansas✅ Available✅ Available
Kentucky✅ Available❌ Not available
Louisiana✅ Available❌ Not available
Maine✅ Available✅ Available
Maryland✅ Available✅ Available
Massachusetts✅ Available✅ Available
Michigan✅ Available❌ Not available
Minnesota✅ Available❌ Not available
Mississippi✅ Available❌ Not available
Missouri✅ Available✅ Available
Montana✅ Available✅ Available
Nebraska✅ Available✅ Available
Nevada✅ Available✅ Available
New Hampshire✅ Available✅ Available
New Jersey✅ Available✅ Available
New Mexico✅ Available✅ Available
New York✅ Available✅ Available
North Carolina✅ Available✅ Available
North Dakota✅ Available✅ Available
Ohio✅ Available❌ Not available
Oklahoma✅ Available✅ Available
Oregon✅ Available✅ Available
Pennsylvania✅ Available✅ Available
Rhode Island✅ Available✅ Available
South Carolina✅ Available❌ Not available
South Dakota✅ Available✅ Available
Tennessee✅ Available✅ Available
Texas✅ Available✅ Available
Utah✅ Available✅ Available
Vermont✅ Available✅ Available
Virginia✅ Available✅ Available
Washington❌ Not available❌ Not available
West Virginia✅ Available✅ Available
Wisconsin✅ Available✅ Available
Wyoming✅ Available✅ Available


There are no local Alaska teams to bet on at Fliff sweepstake sportsbook, but odds for every major league matchup are available. These include pre-game and in-play moneylines, point spreads, totals, and more.


Anyone in Arizona can click the links on this page and sign up with Fliff sports betting. If you do register with the site, you can also claim a sizable welcome bonus to help you get started. You can use the app to place bets on local teams such as the NFL’s Arizona Cardinals and the NBA’s Phoenix Suns.


The University of Arkansas Razorbacks are the state’s best-supported college football team, and they played in one of the best National Championship games in 1969, against the University of Texas Longhorns. You can support the team by making free predictions or by purchasing on-site currency, which you can then trade for cash.


As the state with the most major league sports teams, California residents have plenty to choose from at Fliff sweepstake sportsbook. You can bet on teams like the Los Angeles Rams of the NFL, the Los Angeles Lakers of the NBA, and the Los Angeles Dodgers of the MLB.


You have access to all of the betting site’s markets and promotions when you use Fliff in Colorado. As a result, you can use your Fliff Coins or Fliff Cash to place bets on local teams such as the NFL’s Denver Broncos and the NBA’s Denver Nuggets.


All of Fliff’s bonuses, including its welcome offer, loyalty promotions, and tournaments, are available to Connecticut bettors. The Connecticut Sun of the WNBA plays in the state, but there are no betting lines for this team at Fliff.


If you register with Fliff in Delaware, you can place Fliff Coin and Fliff Cash bets to earn loyalty points. If you accumulate enough points, you can redeem them for rewards such as vouchers for real-world businesses such as Domino’s and Airbnb.


The Miami Dolphins of the NFL and the Miami Heat of the NBA are both iconic major league franchises in Florida. By registering with Fliff sweepstake sportsbook, you can bet on them all. You can even get a welcome bonus to increase your bankroll before you begin betting.


Although there is no legal online sports betting in Hawaii, you can use the Fliff social sportsbook to make predictions about your favorite sports teams. NCAA football games featuring the University of Hawaii Rainbow Warriors are included.


You can bet on every major league game, including the MLS, when you use the Fliff social sportsbook in Illinois. You’ll find markets for NFL teams like the Chicago Bears, MLB teams like the Chicago Cubs, and NBA teams like the Chicago Bulls, where every bet you place earns you loyalty points.


Everyone in Indiana is familiar with the state’s celebrated sports teams, which include the Indianapolis Colts of the NFL and the Indiana Pacers of the NBA. Fliff offers odds for every matchup between these teams, and you can bet before or during the game.


You can register with the links on this page and use your Fliff Cash to bet on the Iowa State University Cyclones in the Big 12 with NCAA football predictions available at Fliff social sportsbook. You can exchange any Fliff Cash you win for money.


Kansas has no major league franchises, but the Kansas City Chiefs and Kansas City Royals are both based in Missouri, just across state lines. Many Kansas sports fans will be eager to use Fliff to make predictions about these teams.


Kentucky players can bet on a variety of sports at Fliff, which is famous in sporting circles for the Churchill Downs horse racing track and the Kentucky Derby race. You can play for free with Fliff Coins or for money by purchasing Fliff Cash.


Louisiana legalized sports betting in 2022, but sportsbooks are not available in every parish. Fliff, on the other hand, can operate throughout the state, so you can download its app and make free or paid sports predictions.


In Maine, the Fliff app is available for iOS and Android devices. Simply go to the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store and choose to download. Once you’ve downloaded the app, you can sign up and begin betting.


Maryland is home to major league franchises such as the NFL’s Baltimore Ravens and the MLB’s Baltimore Orioles, so fans of these teams have dozens of betting options. You can also bet on any other team in Maryland’s major leagues.


You can use Fliff social sportsbook anywhere in Massachusetts because it is home to the New England Patriots, the joint most successful NFL franchise in history, and the Boston Celtics, the joint most successful NBA franchise in history.


Michigan sports fans can use Fliff’s app to get free and paid predictions from anywhere in the state. College football is popular in Michigan, with teams such as the University of Michigan Wolverines and the Michigan State University Spartans competing in NCAA Division I.


Missouri has four major league teams, two of which share a border with Kansas. You can register with Fliff and find odds on the Kansas City Chiefs of the NFL or the St. Louis Blues of the NHL.


Montana bettors can benefit from Fliff’s loyalty program, earning points for each bet placed. These points can be redeemed for prizes such as betting site promotions or in-person rewards.


While most sports betting websites are not permitted to operate in Nebraska, Fliff is available throughout the state. You must first download the app, which can be found on the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store.

The state of New Hampshire

You can bet with Fliff Coins or Fliff Cash, with the former allowing you to make free predictions. By placing these bets, you can earn more Fliff Coins. This currency, however, cannot be exchanged for real money.

The state of New Jersey

Fliff is available in New Jersey, which was the site of the first US sportsbooks outside of Nevada to open in 2018. There are odds for every New Jersey Devils game in the NHL, with odds available both before and during the game.

The state of New Mexico

While tribal casinos are available for wagering in New Mexico, Fliff’s social sportsbook allows you to make predictions from anywhere in the state. To get started, download the app from the iOS and Android app stores and sign up.

New York City

The Fliff social sportsbook app allows you to wager anywhere in New York state, whether you want to play in New York City or Buffalo. You can place bets on your favorite local teams, such as the MLB’s New York Yankees and the NBA’s New York Knicks.

The state of North Carolina

Cash sports betting is only available at tribal casinos in North Carolina, but you can use Fliff to make predictions anywhere within the state’s borders. Fliff allows you to purchase Fliff Cash and use it to place bets. Any Fliff Cash profit can be exchanged for real money.

The state of North Dakota

At Fliff, you can bet on the North Dakota State University Bisons, who have won nine national championships since joining the NCAA Division I. You can bet on the team to win more titles or on individual games.


Ohio has a plethora of sports teams that fans adore. You can use Fliff to make predictions about these teams and win prizes. Point spreads, futures, and totals are available for the most popular sports in the United States, including the NFL, NHL, MLB, and NBA.


Following the relocation of the Seattle SuperSonics from Washington to Oklahoma, the state received its first major league franchise. The SuperSonics are now known as the Oklahoma City Thunder and compete in the Western Conference of the NBA. You can use Fliff in the state to bet on this team and dozens more.


In Oregon, Fliff social sportsbook offers leaderboards where you compete with other players to make the most accurate predictions. For topping the leaderboard, you can earn Fliff Coins and other rewards.


Pennsylvania Fliff’s headquarters are in Philadelphia, so it’s no surprise that the sweepstake sportsbook is available there. The app allows you to bet on every major league sports game as well as some NCAA football games.

The state of Rhode Island

Fliff Sportsbook Rhode Island is the only sportsbook in the state. You can download Fliff and play anywhere in the state if you want to enjoy different odds and promotions. Residents of Rhode Island can also take advantage of the site’s welcome bonus.

The state of South Dakota

South Dakota bettors can access all of Fliff’s features, including its seven-day-a-week customer support and variety of payment methods. Among these payment options are some of the most trusted in the United States, such as Visa and Mastercard.


There are plenty of reasons to sign up and download Fliff in Tennessee, with three popular sports teams. If you enjoy football, you can place a bet on the Tennessee Titans. The Memphis Grizzlies play in the NBA, and the Nashville Predators play in the NHL.


Texans are well-known for their love of sports, and the Fliff sweepstake sportsbook allows them to channel that love into predictions. TX players can use the app to make free predictions or purchase Fliff Cash and risk their own money.


The Utah Jazz, who play in the NBA, are the pride and joy of Utah sports fans. The team has never won an NBA Championship, but you can change that by downloading the Fliff app and wagering with Fliff Coins.


You will not find any Vermont teams available for betting on Fliff, but you will have full access to the state’s markets. You can also earn prizes by claiming loyalty points and competing in leaderboard promotions.


The Virginia Tech Hokies football team is the most successful sports team on which you can bet with Fliff in Virginia. You will be able to bet on the outcome of every college game, as well as place player prop and futures bets.

The state of West Virginia

The West Virginia Mountaineers of the Big 12 Conference are a massive NCAA football team. The program, however, holds the record for most wins without winning a national championship. You can sign up with Fliff and bet on the team to break this record from anywhere in West Virginia.


Despite having the smallest population of any US state, Wyoming has thousands of sports fans. Rather than risking your money at a betting site, you can use Fliff Coins to make predictions for free. You can also buy currency on-site and potentially win cash.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which 3 states use Fliff most?

According to Matt Ricci, CEO and Co-Founder of Fliff Inc., the three states that use Fliff the most are New York, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey.They are considered top Fliff states, even in spite of the fact that they’re the most mature and developed markets. More details you can read in his interview here.

Where is online gambling legal in the United States?

Online gambling is legal in several states, including New Jersey, Nevada, Pennsylvania, New York, Louisiana, Iowa, Indiana, West Virginia, Michigan, Colorado, Illinois, Tennessee, Delaware, Virginia, Arizona, Maryland, and Ohio. Each state has its own regulations and offers different types of online gambling, such as sports betting, online casinos, poker, and lottery.

Why should I use a regulated casino or sportsbook over an unregulated one?

Using a regulated casino or sportsbook offers several advantages. Regulated operators are subject to US laws and regulations, ensuring player safety and fair play. They undergo a strict vetting process, are audited regularly, and have a US address, customer support, and more. In contrast, unregulated operators may not have the same level of oversight and can pose risks to your personal information and funds.

How is sports betting regulated in the US?

Sports betting in the US is regulated at the state level. Each state decides what forms of gambling to allow within its borders. Some states allow online casino sites, while others only offer online sports betting. Each state has its own regulatory body that oversees online gambling sites to ensure player safety and fair play.

How can I stay safe when gambling online?

To stay safe when gambling online, it’s important to do your research and choose a trusted and secure site. Check the history of the site, read reviews from other players, and ensure it has a valid license. Licensed sites are regulated and offer a higher level of player protection. Always verify these aspects before registering and making a deposit.

What types of online gambling are available in the US?

Online gambling in the US includes various forms, such as online casinos, sports betting, poker, and online lottery. However, not all types of online gambling are legal in every state. The availability of different types of online gambling varies from state to state, so it’s essential to check the specific regulations in your state.

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