Fliff Rewards

Fliff was one of the first of it’s kind when they introduced endless rewards. This allows everyone opportunity to win rewards which eventually can be withdrawn to your bank account.

What are experience points (xp)?

XP’s or experience points are in-app virtual currency which is accumualated as you play the game, complete challenges or invite friends. Experience points can be used to purchase Gift Cards (real world gift cards) or buy in-app Fliff Coin or Fliff Cash bundles. Which you can use to continue playing the game or request to withdraw them to your bank account.

How to earn experience points (xp)?

There are three different ways to earn XP. You can earn them by making picks, completing challenges or inviting your friends to join Fliff.

Make Picks

Coins can be claimed or purchased in the Cashier and will earn you XP only the first time they are used.


The available amount of XP you can earn for completing challenges depends on the number of challenges available. Therefore make sure that you use Fliff as much as you can and by simply completing the challenges with Fliff Coins.

Important to mention is that Fliff Coins you can claim every 2 hours in Cashier.

Example of Challenges:

  • Place a bet on Penn State Nittany Lions vs. Purdue Boilermakers (NCAAB)
  • Place a bet on Portland Trail Blazers vs Memphis Grizzlies (NBA)
  • Place a 2 or more team parlay

Invite Friends

As the name suggests you can earn experience points by inviting your friends to you on Fliff. You have two options to invite people to Fliff.

  • Inviting friends by sharing your CODE, for example: A6197. Which needs to be used during the the Sign Up process when your friends start using the app.
  • Copying the invite-friend URL link which is automatically generated

Both options you can find in Invite friends view/page. By inviting new people to Fliff you can earn 40 experience points (xp) for every $1 your friends spend at Fliff.

That being said, it’s not enough that your friends join Fliff, but they need to spend at least $1 USD and you will receive 40xp.

Which Rewards are available on Fliff?

Your well deserved experience points (xp’s) you can spend on Gift Cards and Fliff Bundles.

GIft Cards in Fliff app

In case you are buying Gift Cards then Fliff is selling only that amount you requested. For example, If you selected Airbnb Gift card and you enter $200 USD then you will only receive $200 of Airbnb Gift Card. In case you have 20,000 experience points (xp) you pay with those instead of using your real money. Also, $100 = 10,000 xp.

Gift Cards access point you can find in Rewards tab.

Fliff Cashier Bundles

In case you don’t have anymore Fliff Coins or Fliff Cash to play with Fliff you can anytime go to Cashier and purchase some of the bundles they offer. In cashier they have 2 modes. Fliff Cash mode where they sell purely Fliff Cash bundles & Fliff Coin mode where Coin bundles are sold.

Instead of paying with real money you can always redeem your existing experience points which you earned for free by completing their challenges or inviting your friends.

They offer multiple bundles for purchase. Here is the list.

Fliff Coin Bundles

Bundle AmountPrice in USD Experience points (xp)
5,000 Fliff Coins$0.99 USD99xp
25,000 Fliff Coins$4.99 USD499xp
55.000 Fliff Coins$9.99 USD999xp
120.000 Fliff Coins$19.99 USD19.999xp
350.000 Fliff Coins$49.99 USD49.999xp
1.000.000 Fliff Coins$99.99 USD 99.999xp
in Fliff Coin bundles the Fliff Cash is not included

Fliff Cash Bundles

Bundle AmountPrice in USD Experience points (xp)
5.000 Fliff Coins & 1.00 Fliff Cash for FREE$1.00 USD100xp
25.000 Fliff Coins & 5.00 Fliff Cash for FREE$4.99 USD 499xp
55.000 Fliff Coins & 10.00 Fliff Cash for FREE$9.99 USD 999xp
120.000 Fliff Coins & 20.00 Fliff Cash for FREE$19.99 USD 19.999xp
350.000 Fliff Coins & 50.00 Fliff Cash for FREE$49.99 USD 49.999xp
100.00.000 Fliff Coins & 100.00 Fliff Cash for FREE$99.99 USD 99.999xp
in Fliff Cash bundles you will get Fliff Coins
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