Fliff Shops Explained

To provide assistance to new users regarding Fliff currencies and how the Fliff Shop operates, we have prepared a comprehensive guide. Fliff encompasses two types of currencies: Fliff Cash and Fliff Coins.

Current Promotions

Fliff, whenever they have promotion they indicate that with promo ribbons in the corner of the shop bundles. Here graphical example of the ribbons. Down below you can find out more how Fliff Shop works.

Fliff Coins

Fliff Coins serve as the currency for fun-play purposes, and they cannot be exchanged for cash prizes. However, Fliff Coins function similarly to Fliff Cash in all other aspects.

When placing sports picks on Fliff, users have the option to use either Fliff Cash or Fliff Coins. The exchange rate is 1,000 Fliff Coins for 0.10 Fliff Cash. It’s important to note that Fliff Coins cannot be converted into Fliff Cash, nor vice versa.

Fliff Coins also play a significant role in the Fliff Leaderboard. By making accurate picks using their Coins, players can climb the ranks and enjoy a fun social experience. After all, who doesn’t enjoy the satisfaction of bragging rights?

Moreover, new players receive a generous amount of Fliff Coins upon signing up, and they can claim additional Fliff Coins periodically throughout the day within the app.

Fliff Coins can also be utilized to make picks and complete daily challenges, earning XP (experience points) in the process. These XP can be further employed to acquire additional Fliff Coins or redeem gift cards (100 XP equals $1.00).

Anyway, to explain Fliff Coin Shop here table with most important information how much you pay & how much you get.

Fliff Cash is not included with Fliff Coin purchase

Important to know
What you getHow much you need to pay
25,000 Fliff Coins$4.99 or 499 xp
55,000 Fliff Coins$9.99 or 999 xp
120,000 Fliff Coins$19.99 or 1,999xp
350,000 Fliff Coins$49.99 or 4,999xp
1,000,000 Fliff Coins$99.99 or 9,9999xp

Fliff Cash

Fliff Cash, the alternative currency at Fliff, offers an opportunity to redeem it for cash prizes. However, before cashing out, it is necessary to play through Fliff Cash at least once and reach a minimum withdrawal value of $50. Every purchase in Fliff Cash Shop of Fliff Coins comes with an allocation of Fliff Cash, and there’s even a chance to receive up to $100 by entering Fliff exclusive promotion. While direct purchase of Fliff Cash is not available, you can accumulate more by making successful picks, unlocking Fliff Cash through various bonuses, and even receiving it as a gift through social media giveaways.

To make use of your Fliff Cash, simply locate the toggle button in the top right-hand corner of the app. Once you have activated the option to play with Fliff Cash, proceed to create your picks as usual and indicate the amount of Fliff Cash you are willing to risk. After submitting your entries, you will need to wait for the fixtures to conclude. Any winnings earned will be promptly added to your account.

Here graphical explanation how Fliff Cash Shop works and how you are being charged.

While you can find here breakdown of Fliff Cash in table described how much you pay and how much you get.

What you getHow much you pay
5,000 Fliff Coins & you get FREE 1.00 Fliff Cash$1.99 or 19xp
25,000 Fliff Coins & you get FREE 5.00 Fliff Cash$4.99 or 49xp
55,000 Fliff Coins & you get FREE 10.00 Fliff Cash$9.99 or 999xp
120,000 Fliff Coins & you get FREE 19.99 Fliff Cash$19.99 or 1,999xp
350,000 Fliff Coins & you get FREE 49.99 Fliff Cash$49.99 or 4,999xp
100,000,000 Fliff Coins & you get FREE 100.00 Fliff Cash$99.99 or 9,999xp

The graphical illustration provided above demonstrates that when the interface displays a Ribbon with percentages (10%, 20%, 40%, 100%), it signifies that you receive additional Coins beyond the amount you are purchasing. However, it’s important to note that this is contingent on Fliff promotions and their specific terms.

Moreover, the Ribbon graphic is directly linked to the Fliff Coins and package displayed indicating the correlation between the two.. You can consider the “PROMO” area something as completely separate.

Frequently Asked Questions

Whats the point of coins?

How does Fliff cash work?

Fliff current promotion

From time to time Fliff has different promotions. You can see those marked with ribbons in the left corner of the bundle. Basically, you are paying for Fliff coins and the promo is that they give you the same amount in Fliff cash. However, Fliff cash you will get ONLY in Fliff Cash shop.

What are the rules on redeeming free coins every 2 hours? Sometimes I will get 10¢ and sometimes I don’t

If your Fliff account doesn’t have any funds or assets, Fliff will provide you with complimentary Fliff Cash and Fliff Coins. This offer is applicable only for a limited period until you have no funds or assets in your account.

I bought Fliff Coins and won, how can I withdraw my winnings?

Fliff Coins cannot be withdrawn.

Can someone explain how the coins and xp work?

Upon the initial use of Coins, whether obtained through purchases or by claiming them for free, they will yield 1 XP per 1000 Coins wagered. However, once wagered, Coins will no longer provide XP. Even if, for example, you wager 5000 Coins and win 10000, none of those Coins will grant XP. Consequently, once a Coin has been utilized to earn XP, it becomes redundant, and ultimately, there is no advantage to winning bets with Coins.
The primary purpose of the Coin system is to ensure that Fliff qualifies as a sweepstakes according to legal standards.
Regarding XP, 1 XP is equivalent to $0.01 in the cashier.

In summary, it is advisable to wager all the Coins you acquire, whether obtained through the two-hour claiming process or as part of cash purchases. Once wagered, you can disregard them. Only XP has value in terms of monetary gains.

Whats the point of coins?

They are just for fun.

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