Fliff Social Features announced

Not sure if you already read your inbox, but with the last newsletter we received from Fliff we all received


But what’s more important the social features are around the corner. Fliff announced that they will be rather soon releasing the social features to the app. What exactly that means to the users?

fliff social features
Screenshot from the official newsletter

Social Network features

Similar to the social networks we are already used to, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, and others. Each user has a profile with some basic information about themselves. The Fliff social network is also moving in that direction and will provide even better social experiences in the future, similar to these social networks. The whole social network features are tailor-made for Fliff and adjusted for sports bettors.


Fliff already had very basic user profile functionality. We could see other users’ picks and a small statistics widget over there. However, as shown in the newsletter screenshot, the user profile has received numerous new enhancements. Finally, we can follow each other, write biographies, see other users’ most recent picks, and much more.


New activity brings more excitement since you can now filter the activity picks. According to their newsletter and screenshot from upcoming features, available filter are:

  • High Stakes, when clicked you will see all High Stake picks made by other users
  • Following, you will see only picks made by users you follow
  • Friends Only, picks made by users who follow you and you follow them are visible
  • All, where you can see overall activity feed

Let’s see if they bring some new filters in future, but even with these ones we are pretty sure everyone will easily find their favourite picks and users.


At the moment of writing this article, there is only one leaderboard at Fliff. Let’s consider it as overall leaderboard where only few (read 100) users can be listed. With the new leaderboard improvements what we see in screenshot it’s clear they will introduce multiple leaderboards so everyone can find their place in Fliff universe.


Fliff is now truly one and only social sportsbook available in United States. Connect with your friends, build strategies and beat the house. Download Fliff and play risk free or with Fliff Cash. It’s now more than ever worth to join the party of this awesome community.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to get $5 FREE Cash?

Fliff will automatically grant you $5 FREE Cash for Superbowl weekend.

Which social features Fliff has?

At the moment they announced new user profiles, extended leaderboard and improved activity feed with additional filters.

What is social sportsbook?

As the name suggest it’s a combination of social network features and sportsbook.

Why I did not get $5 FREE Cash from Fliff?

In case you were blocked & removed by Fliff then you did not get FREE Cash. Or you simply are not eligible for $5 FREE cash.

When I will get $5 FREE Cash from Fliff?

Occasionally, Fliff gives away certain amount of FREE CASH for everyone. But most of the time when they are announcing new features or there is a big sports game or tournament ahead.

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