Exclusive: Fliff is introducing Social features

Finally, Fliff has finally revealed it’s long-awaited Social features! Currently in BETA version and the guys seems to be testing it still, but finally it’s here. Next to already existing Social features where we could visit other bettors profiles and see the statistics. Now we can follow each other. Track other activities in improved activity page & search for the users. Fliff is indeed one-of-the-kind sportsbook app!

Enough said, let’s dig in what this all mean for us.

Fliff Social features

Are you looking for a way to discover new possibilities on the activity page? Simply click on a user’s avatar and you’ll be redirected to their profile. Here, you’ll find your profile avatar, which you can easily update by tapping on the image. You’ll also see your username, followers, following, and a profile summary with your picks and overall global ranking. Take control of who you follow on the activity page by clicking on the Followers & Following tab.

You can see who’s following you and who you’re following, and even search for specific players. If you want to block someone who’s following you, it’s easy. If you’ve already blocked someone, you can unblock them too. And if you want to unfollow someone you’re currently following, that’s simple too. Make the most out of your activity page experience by updating your avatar and adding a short biography. Start exploring today!

But first thing before we dig deeper in social features it’s important to mention that on Home page you won’t see activity button in the area where you see your balance. Activity is moved to bottom navigation and on top you will have Leaderboards and Challenges button as shown in image below.


Even before latest app release (Mar 7, 2023 Version 4.6.165) Fliff had basic functionality of the user profile. Over there we could see other users picks and small statistics widget. But now with app version 4.6.165, finally, user profile gets plenty of new improvements.

We can finally follow each other. However, it’s important to mention that following concept is a bit different than in other social networks.

Old User ProfileNEW designs in BETA version
Fliff user profile BETA version of the new social network


Fliff following

When you follow some user then you become followers. Followers have blue circle around the avatar and small “Followers” tag. This only appears when you follow someone and that user still does not follow you.

In case you both follow each other then you will become Friends!


Friends badge

When both of users follow each other then you become Friends. This means the profile privacy setting apply to this kind of users. Meaning, Fliff Coin picks will be shared with all users, but your Fliff Cash picks will be shared ONLY with Friends.

Additional details about user profile on the new Fliff social network. In table we will cover all the use cases what you as a user might ask yourself when you visit the new app for the first time.

Use CasesExplanation
When you download the new app for the first time OR you update existing application then you won’t have any followers or following.
Image shows user having followers which he can block on Fliff appOnce you have some friends or followers in Fliff app you can easily choose to block the from the list which you can see in Followers tab.
Image showing fliff followers and friendsIn Following tab you will see list of all users who are you following and from who you see sports picks. You can easily unfollow them by clicking on Un-follow button.
User profile of the new Fliff Social networkThis is how user profile looks like when you are visiting your profile. You have Edit bio button where you can edit your biography. In addition you can easily change the avatar image and see statistics summary.
Public profile of Fliff users. Image shows user avatar, short biography, statistics and it's recent sports picks.This is public profile, meaning when you are visiting other users. If their privacy settings are not limited then you will see their recent picks, avatar, statistics and more.

Editing profile privacy

You have complete freedom what other users can see when visiting your profile. At the moment support three profile privacy modes. Limited, Friends-only and Restricted profile mode. Further down we will explain all modes and how they work.

Privacy setting: Limited

Your Fliff Coin picks will be shared with other users, but you Fliff Cash pick will not be shared with others.

Privacy setting: Friends-Only

As the name suggest if you enable this privacy setting then Fliff Coin picks will be shared with all users, but your Fliff Cash picks will be shared ONLY with Friends. Meaning users with whom you follow each other. This way you make sure that not everyone sees your Fliff Cash picks.

Privacy setting: Restricted

None of your Fliff Coins or Fliff Cash picks will be shared with other users. This basically means all of your picks are hidden.


Even though it says it’s coming soon, we can assume what this feature mean. Most likely Fliff users will be rewarded with badges as they progress throughout the game. It’s still unclear in which direction this all goes, but we will cover it as soon it’s released.


New activity brings more excitement since you can now filter the activity picks. Currently available filter are:

  • High Stakes, when clicked you will see all High Stake picks made by other users
  • Following, you will see only picks made by users you follow
  • Friends Only, picks made by users who follow you and you follow them are visible
  • All, where you can see overall activity feed

In case you are not following anyone or none of your followers/friends made picks then these filters will be empty. Make sure you follow some users to fill the filters with content.

New activity feature from Fliff. Image shows new filters like High Stakes,Following and Friends only

New activity page can be accessed from bottom navigation by clicking on Activity icon.


Even the statistics page got expanded with Leaderboard Global Rankings. Next to that you still have available statistics of coins won in previous and current week. This feature we already had in previous versions of the application.

Old StatisticsNew statistics design
Fliff statistics. New social network feature from Fliff Sports


Fliff is now truly one and only social sportsbook available in United States. Connect with your friends, build strategies and beat the house. Download Fliff and play risk free or with Fliff Cash. It’s now more than ever worth to join the party of this awesome community.

Frequently Asked Question:

How do I unfollow someone?

In your profile page tap on Following and you will see list of all users you are following. Tapping on unfollow button will unfollow that user.

How to add friends on Fiff Social Sportsbook?

Go to activity feed and find the user you are searching for. Either by clicking magnify icon on top right corner or you click on someone in the feed. Once you are on users profile you can Follow that person. In case the user follows you back, then you become friends.

How to search for friends on Fliff?

In activity feed on top right corner you will find magnify icon. When clicking on the icon you can search for any user.

Why I don’t see any picks from my friends or followers in activity Feed?

Most likely you don’t have any friends added. Meaning, if you are following someone and they don’t follow you it means you are not Friends. Once that person follows you back you become friends. On their avatar image you will see small green “Friends” tag. Another reason could be that Fliff has some service issues due to their BETA version, but if it’s technical issue then they will fix it rather soon.

What happens when I block someone?

User which is blocked you can still find when searching for them. The user will still appear on the leaderboard. But when you block someone then the Followers amount will be reduced.

Who can see my Fliff Cash picks?

In Profile > Privacy settings you can change a setting who can see your Fliff Cash picks.

How to change my avatar image?

Go to your profile and tap on the avatar image. You will be redirected to avatar selection page.

How to add new followers from my profile on Fliff?

You can easily change that by following other users if you go in you profile and click on Followers or you search for other users from Activity page.

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