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From time to time happens that even Fliff goes down or there is App outage. As any other mobile app even Fliff needs go through the maintenance process. There are several reasons why mobile apps go under maintenance.

Before we go for reasons why Fliff is under maintenance we suggest you try to log in on their website:

Website is currently only available if you are visiting from your phone.

Alright, if even the website does not work continue reading to understand what is currently happening with Fliff.

Fliff as any other app can go down for a short amount of time.
The assets (Coins, Cash) you have there are always there no matter how long the app is down.
Don’t worry and be patient.

Short summary

Real-Time Status update of Fliff App

Latest official Fliff statuses you can check on their Twitter Support Account:

Most common server reasons why app goes down

Overloaded servers

If too many users are accessing the app at the same time, the servers may become overloaded and unable to handle the traffic. This especially can happen to mobile or web apps which offer sportsbook data. Due to the fact that sportsbook have plenty of background requests to 3rd providers for exact time of game, score and sportsbook markets.

It’s not that the app loads only 1-2 events, but much more events are being loaded and if many people want to place a bet on their favourite bet then it can happen that there is a server peak which server can not cope with it.

Network issues

If there are problems with the network infrastructure, such as a disrupted internet connection, the app may be unable to connect to the servers. This both applies to server connection & to your personal internet connection.

Software bugs

This can happen, but in most cases the software bugs will be fixed during the development of new features. It’s simply how the software development process goes. If there are bugs in the app’s code, it may cause the app to crash or become unresponsive.

Security issues

Due to strict regulation rules and high software standards this is really something what can be considered as edge case for any sportsbook app. However, in some cases If the app has not been properly secured, it may be vulnerable to attacks that can cause it to go down. But don’t worry, so far we saw this is not case with Fliff.

Configuration errors

This applies again to infrastructure of any software application. In case there are errors in the app’s configuration, it may be unable to connect to the servers or perform certain functions.

Dependency issue

If the app is dependent on other services or APIs, and those services or APIs go down, your app may also stop working. Therefore nowadays application developers avoid using smaller API services which are not maintained. Only those services which have massive community behind and which update the service from time to time when needed. In most of the cases developers would simply develop from group up complete service instead of using the 3rd party and creating dependency to that service.

Other server reasons

If a mobile app is hosted on a cloud platform like AWS, google cloud, it may be subject to additional server issues:

  1. Resource limits: If the app is using more resources than what was allocated, the app may become unresponsive.
  2. Autoscaling errors: If there are errors in the autoscaling configuration, the app may not be able to handle the traffic properly.
  3. Networking issues: If there are problems with the network infrastructure on the cloud platform, the app may be unable to connect to the servers.
  4. Storage issues: If the app is using more storage than what was allocated, the app may become unresponsive.
  5. Security issues: If the app is not properly configured on the cloud platform, it may be vulnerable to security breaches.

Payment could not be completed or requested

As any transactional website or mobile app. Fliff operates with payment processor providers such as: Master, Maestro, Visa and other to provide their users multiple options to play the game or buy gift cards. Therefore it can happen that 3rd party partner has some issues on their end. Some of the most common issues that can happen on payment provider side are:

  1. Technical issues: Payment providers may experience technical difficulties that prevent users from being able to complete a purchase, such as server downtime or connectivity issues.
  2. Payment errors: Users may input incorrect information, such as an expired credit card or incorrect billing address, which can prevent the payment from being processed.
  3. Insufficient funds: Users may not have enough funds in their account to complete the purchase, causing the payment to be declined.
  4. Security concerns: Payment providers may have security concerns, such as fraud detection systems that flag certain transactions as suspicious, causing them to be declined.
  5. Limited payment options: Payment providers may not support certain payment methods or currencies, which can limit the ability of users to complete a purchase.

New Feature releases

Fliff can go under maintenance when they are trying to release a new feature. This often happens in times when the app is not being used that much and the app needs to go down because of any background reasons (server configuration, etc) which we as users don’t see.

By performing maintenance during off-peak hours, it allows to minimize the impact of new feature releases on the user experience, by avoiding app downtime during peak usage times.

Recovery plans

From development stand point it’s important to monitor any apps (mobile or web app) and its dependencies, and to have a disaster recovery plan in place to minimize downtime in case an issue occurs.

That being said, any agile software organisation knows value of proper backup and has detailed recovery plan for situation which might happen but in most of cases don’t happen. Especially companies dealing with transactions and personal data. That data is always secured.


In a nutshell, any application can go down. Above you can see multiple reasons why an app goes under maintenance. Don’t worry about your data, your assets and upcoming game. Once the app is up and running again you will be able to continue playing as nothing happened.

Frequently asked questions

Is Fliff app down?

There is no status page for the services of the mobile app, but in case the app is down you will get an error message in modal that something went wrong.

What to do when the server is down?

Nothing. Just wait and be patient till the server is up. This happens from time-to-time and there is nothing to be worried about.

Are my Fliff coins and Fliff Cash lost if server is down?

No. Assets are still in your wallet and there is no need to be worried about.

How long will the Fliff be down?

Really depends what is issue. If there are some server problems then it can happen that it takes a bit longer. Simply because it can happen that servers are not private owned and then you need to consider response of other / partner company and many other factors

Since when Fliff sportsbook is down?

Sometimes it can happen that the website does not work for you, but for other works. In order to check that simply go to services like: https://www.isitdownrightnow.com/ and enter https://getfliff.com/ to check if the Fliff website is down. This does not apply for mobile apps.

Why I can’t buy Fliff Cash in Cashier?

It might happen that there is an issue on payment processor side and your payment could not be requested or completed. Be patient and those problems usually get fixed rather quickly.

Why I can’t buy Fliff Coins?

Many reasons why transaction could not be completed, but in most of the cases it’s on 3rd party side where payment processor has some issues. However, nothing to be worried about just be patient.

What does fliff service error mean?

“Service Error” usually indicates a problem with the server or service that the app relies on, rather than an issue with the app itself. Meaning, everything on Fliff end could work properly, but there might be an issue on 3rd party server. This can prevent users from downloading or using the app, and the app developer will need to resolve the issue on their server to fix the problem.

Fliff down?

If you are unable to access the mobile app due to an error, first check Fliff Twitter to see if there is any planned maintenance going on. If not, try updating your mobile app or visiting sportsbook.getfliff.com and accessing it from a mobile device via the website. If you are already using the latest version, you can see if other users are experiencing the same problem on Fliff reddit.
If something is going on, the only thing you can do is wait.

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