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As many of you are aware, Fliff is a popular and user-friendly sports betting platform. Many of you are aware that Fliff has mobile apps for both Android and Apple iOS. However, not many are aware that their web app is also available on mobile devices. We’ll quickly go through the differences between all of these apps and websites in this article.

Fliff iOS (Apple) Mobile AppFliff Android (Google) Mobile App
Fliff Android Mobile App

However, because it isn’t compatible with all devices, the Android version of the Fliff mobile app might not be the ideal choice for all (older) devices. We advise using the mobile Fliff Web app for those users. Which, in a nutshell, is the exact same experience you receive with the iOS mobile app Fliff (Apple).

There are a few variances, however they mostly stem from the absence of several novel elements. But Fliff is catching up, so be sure to check the online app in case the iOS or Android mobile apps are giving you trouble.

It’s crucial to distinguish this from their marketing website, on which they only advertise the mobile app. You can compare the differences between the landing page and the mobile app website for Fliff in the table below.

Fliff WebsiteDesktop And Mobile Version of the Fliff Mobile Web Application
Fliff mobile web app



At the end of this article we will list all most important links from Fliff:

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