How Long Does Fliff Take To Respond?

According to multiple discussions on Reddit, Fliff usually takes 3-4 hours at most to respond on your first ticket. Second respond might varies and take a bit of time, but they should respond rather quickly. Some users even mentioned that it could take up-to-24 hours.

Workaround they found is to make another ticket and just copy and paste discussion from previous ticket. We recommend to not doing that as it might bring even more complications and prolonged response.

Here most important information you need to have:

Contact MethodAvailabilityResponse TimeAdditional Information
Website Form7 days/weekFew hoursSupport ticket generated upon form submission
Email / support@getfliff.com7 days/weekFew hoursResponse received via email
Social Media7 days/weekVariesConnect with support on Instagram, Twitter, Fliff Support Twitter
How To Contact Fliff Support Table Comparison

Users of Fliff have been raising concerns about the responsiveness of customer support. Whether it’s delayed responses or issues accessing accounts, the community has shared its experiences. In this SEO article, we’ll delve into the challenges users face when reaching out to Fliff support and provide insights on what to do if you encounter similar issues.

Common User Experiences and Concerns

Unanswered Support Requests

Users report waiting for weeks without receiving a reply from Fliff support regarding various account-related matters, such as adding funds.

Account Security Concerns

Instances of accounts being hacked and unauthorized charges have led to users seeking assistance from Fliff support, with some expressing frustration over the lack of response.

Access and Verification Issues

Some users face challenges accessing their accounts due to issues like unverified phone numbers, leading to account lockouts. Even after reaching out, responses are not always prompt or informative.

Community Suggestions and Experiences

User Suggestions for Contacting Support

Some users suggest sending multiple emails to Fliff support if initial inquiries go unanswered. Others recommend reaching out through alternative channels, such as Twitter.

Verification Woes and Support Response

One user faced account access issues due to an unverified phone number. Despite contacting Fliff through Twitter, they reported a lack of response and expressed frustration with the forced system update causing unexpected issues.

Withdrawal Challenges

Users share their experiences with withdrawal difficulties, including delayed responses from support and issues related to flagged accounts for suspected fraud.

User-to-User Advice and Support

Email Persistence

Users advise persistence in contacting Fliff support through emails, with some suggesting that multiple attempts might be necessary to elicit a response.

Withdrawal Strategies

Users facing withdrawal issues suggest withdrawing smaller amounts at a time to potentially overcome system restrictions and receive their funds.


The community suggests various approaches, from persistent emailing to alternative channels like Twitter, to address issues with Fliff support. As the platform evolves, addressing these concerns will be crucial in maintaining user trust and satisfaction.

If you find yourself in a similar situation, consider exploring the suggestions shared by the community. Persistence, patience, and utilizing various communication channels may prove key to resolving issues and ensuring a smoother experience on the Fliff platform.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the response time for subsequent support tickets?

The response time for second and subsequent tickets may vary but is generally expected to be quick. Users have reported varied response times, so patience is advised.

How long does it typically take for Fliff to respond to the first support ticket?

Fliff usually responds within 3-4 hours for the first support ticket. However, response times may vary, and in some cases, it could take up to 24 hours.

Is it recommended to create a new ticket by copying the discussion from a previous one?

Creating a new ticket by copying the discussion from a previous one is not recommended. This workaround might lead to complications and further delay in response.

What are the contact methods for reaching Fliff support?

Fliff support can be contacted through the website form, email (, and social media platforms, including Instagram, Twitter, and Fliff Support Twitter.

What is the availability of Fliff support through the website form?

The website form is available 7 days a week for support inquiries. Support tickets are generated upon form submission.

How long does it usually take for a response through the website form?

Responses through the website form typically take a few hours. However, actual response times may vary based on the nature of the inquiry.

Are there any additional tips for contacting Fliff support efficiently?

If you encounter delays, persistence is key. Some users suggest sending multiple emails for better chances of eliciting a response. Connecting through alternative channels like Twitter is also recommended.

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