How Old Do You Have To Be To Use Fliff?

Generally speaking you can use Fliff for fun no matter your age. If you younger than 18 you can still use Fliff to play and predict score on games and compete with your friends. You can even play with daily Fliff Cash/sweepstakes. However, if you want to redeem your winnings or money you won on competitions then you will need to verify your age.

It’s advisable to be at least 18 years old to participate in Fliff games. Our personal recommendation is that you don’t use Fliff if you are younger than 18 years.

Many reasons indicate this, and one possibility is that Fliff may block you if they discover you are too young. If you get blocked from the platform, it’s uncertain whether you can come back.

Age Verification Process

To access the contests on Fliff, users are required to register an account, and this involves providing Personal Data. This process serves a dual purpose – facilitating age verification.

At Fliff there are multiple verification processes but only one for Age verification where you will need to show your ID or any other document which proves that’s you. The age verification is required by any sportsbook due to state rules which apply.

If interested you can read our guide here about KYC verification process.

Minors Under 18 Policy

Fliff is explicit about its target audience, intending its platform for adults. Users under the age of 18 are not permitted to use the platform.


Fliff’s Cash Sweepstakes and Fliff Coins is undoubtedly an exciting opportunity for eligible participants. However, if you find yourself on the younger side, it’s essential to respect the rules and wait until you meet the age requirement. Keep an eye on Fliff’s updates, and when you’re of age, you can dive into the sweepstakes action!

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