How To Withdraw Fliff Coins?

Before diving into the withdrawal Fliff Coins process, let’s quickly recap what Fliff Coins are. Fliff Coins are the in-app currency at Fliff Sportsbook, obtained for free and used as game tokens. Coins hold immense value within the Fliff ecosystem, they lack a direct dollar rate comparison and can’t be exchanged for real money.

Step 1: Accumulate Fliff Coins

The first step in the Fliff Coins withdrawal process is to accumulate a substantial amount of Fliff Coins.

You can acquire these coins through various means:

  • including purchases,
  • participating in games

Remember, the more Fliff Coins you have, the more options you’ll have when it comes to potential rewards.

Step 2: Convert Fliff Coins to Fliff Experience Points

Make predictions with your Fliff Coins in order to get Experience Points. Experience Points can be earned by placing predictions on games which can be found in Challenges.

If you go to Home page and in top element you will find Challenges access point. Clicking there you will see list of events and games which you need to predict with Fliff Coins in order to earn Experience Points.

Fliff Challenges. Completing Challenges you can earn Experience Points.

Another way to earn Experience Points is by inviting your friends to Fliff. Go to “Rewards” page and you will find Invite Friends entry point. Click there and you will find your referral link which new players need to enter during sign up. You can earn up to maximum of 10,000 Experience Points.

Invite Friends Screen On Fliff

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Step 3: Use Experience Points for Rewards

Once you’ve earned and accumulated Experience Points with Fliff Coins, the next step is to explore the rewards page. You can use your Experience Points to purchase Gift Cards or use them to in Fliff Shop. Select one of the bundles which suits you best and just purchase it. For example, you can even purchase Fliff Cash, predict on some games and hopefully win. And all those winnings redeem to your bank.

Step 4: Withdraw Your Rewards

Redeeming your Rewards is straightforward. Go in Profile and select the lines / hamburger menu button. In the menu select Redeem Fliff Cash. If you are not verified you will need to do it. You can read our guide for KYC Verification here.

Be aware that you can redeem 50 or more Fliff Cash. Read more about Redemption Rules discussion here.

Conclusion: Turning Gaming Success into Real Rewards

In conclusion, while Fliff Coins may not have a direct dollar value, converting them to Experience Points and exploring the available rewards within the app allows you to turn your gaming success into tangible benefits. By following these steps on how to withdraw Fliff Coins, you can unlock the secrets of Fliff’s social sportsbook and potentially enjoy exciting real-world perks.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I accumulate Fliff Coins for withdrawal?

You can acquire these coins through various means, including making purchases and actively participating in games within the Fliff platform.

Are there specific methods for earning Experience Points with Fliff Coins?

Absolutely! You can earn Experience Points by making predictions on games found in Challenges. Access Challenges on the Home page, predict game outcomes with Fliff Coins, and accumulate Experience Points. Additionally, inviting friends to join Fliff through your referral link can earn you up to a maximum of 10,000 Experience Points.

How do I use Experience Points for rewards within Fliff?

Once you’ve earned Experience Points through Fliff Coins, head to the rewards page. You can use Experience Points to purchase Gift Cards or explore the Fliff Shop. Select a bundle that aligns with your preferences, make the purchase, and enjoy the rewards. For example, you can even acquire Fliff Cash to make predictions and potentially convert your winnings to real money.

What is the process for redeeming earned rewards?

Redeeming your rewards is a straightforward process. Navigate to your profile, select the lines/hamburger menu button, and choose “Redeem Fliff Cash.” If you’re not verified, you may need to complete the KYC verification process. Be aware that you can redeem 50 or more Fliff Cash, and additional details on redemption rules can be found in the platform’s discussion section.

Is there a minimum limit for Fliff Cash redemption?

Yes, there is a minimum limit for Fliff Cash redemption. You can redeem 50 or more Fliff Cash, as specified in the Redemption Rules in the official documentation:

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