NFL Anytime Touchdown Scorer Odds & Predictions: Super Bowl LVIII at Fliff

Hey Fliff community! 🎉 As an avid Fliff Sports Picks player from the United States, I’m thrilled to share my latest insights for Super Bowl LVIII on Fliff. Today, let’s talk about the exciting world of anytime touchdown betting. 🤑

1. Deebo Samuel Anytime Touchdown 🚀

Deebo Samuel

Why am I putting my money on Deebo Samuel to score a touchdown against the Chiefs? Here’s the scoop:

  • Samuel has been on fire recently, with 10 scores since his return from injury in Week 10. 🔥
  • Chiefs have struggled against wide receivers, allowing 11 of their 34 touchdowns through the air. 🏹
  • Samuel leads in red zone targets among 49ers pass catchers and is third in attempts inside the 20-yard line. 🎯
  • Despite a scoreless NFC Championship, he received ample opportunities with 11 total touches. 🏆

For these reasons, I’m backing Samuel to end his four-game scoreless streak in Super Bowl LVIII. 🏟️

2. Travis Kelce First Touchdown – Kansas City Chiefs 🏹

Travis Kelce

Now, let’s talk about Travis Kelce and why I’m eyeing him for the first touchdown:

  • Kelce scored Kansas City’s first touchdown in both the divisional round and AFC Championship. 🏆
  • In postseason games, Kelce has only failed to score once in his last nine appearances. 🌟
  • The 49ers have surrendered a significant number of scores through the air (23 of 36 opposing scores). 🚁

These predictions add an extra layer of excitement to Super Bowl LVIII, and I can’t wait to see how they unfold! Stay tuned for more insights on 📈🔮

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