NFL Season 2023/2024 Promotions

Welcome, fellow sports enthusiasts! The 2023-24 NFL regular season is just around the corner, and it’s time to gear up for an exciting season of football action. Whether you’re a die-hard fan or just looking to add some extra excitement to your Sundays, Fliff Sports Picks has you covered. With over 15 years of experience in the gambling industry, I’m here to guide you through the latest promotions and updates that Fliff has in store for the upcoming NFL season.

Let’s dive right into the details:

Fliff Cash Mystery DropFliff has a surprise waiting for you! The Fliff Cash Mystery Drop will deposit between 1 and 500 Fliff Cash into your wallet, kickstarting your football season with a bang. Just remember, this bonus expires on Tuesday, September 12th, so don’t miss out!
Claim up to 5 Fliff Cash Every Day This WeekStarting from the first kickoff, you can claim up to 5 Fliff Cash every day of the week. It’s a fantastic way to build your Fliff Cash stash and place bets with minimal risk.
But only for players who have zero balance and no pending bets
Double XP for Referring a FriendSpread the word about Fliff and earn big! Throughout the month of September, you’ll receive double the XP rewards when you refer a friend. That means you can earn 40 XP for every dollar your friends spend, with the potential to earn up to 10,000 XP per friend.

Now, let’s break down these exciting promotions and what they mean for you:

Fliff Cash Mystery Drop

“The Fliff Cash Mystery Drop is your ticket to a thrilling football season. With the chance to receive anywhere from 1 to 500 Fliff Cash, it’s a delightful surprise that could make your bets all the more exciting. Just make sure to use it before Tuesday, September 12th, or it’ll vanish like a missed field goal.”

Claim up to 5 Fliff Cash Every Day This Week

“Imagine starting each day of the football week with up to 5 Fliff Cash in your pocket. It’s a brilliant way to minimize risk and maximize your enjoyment of the game. Simply log in daily to claim your Fliff Cash and bet with confidence.”

But only for players who have zero balance and no pending bets

And the promotion runs till the end of September, not like communicated initially:

Double XP for Referring a Friend

“Sharing your love for Fliff has never been more rewarding. Throughout September, Fliff is doubling up on refer-a-friend rewards. You can now earn 40 XP for every dollar your friends spend, and the potential to earn a whopping 10,000 XP per friend. It’s time to spread the word and earn big!”

But that’s not all! Alongside these exciting promotions, Fliff Sports Picks has also introduced some noteworthy features in their latest app version (4.6.176, released on September 6, 2023):

  • Removed the Global leaderboard: A change to enhance your gaming experience.
  • Introducing Badges: Climb the weekly sports leaderboards to win badges and showcase your sports knowledge.
  • Introducing Player Levels: Compete against other players and level up, adding a new layer of competition to your betting experience.
  • New Dashboard and Game Card Design: Enjoy an improved visual experience while making your picks.

With these updates, Fliff Sports Picks is stepping up its game to provide you with the best possible NFL betting experience.

Read here what some of the users say on Reddit:

So, gear up for the 2023-24 NFL season, grab these exciting promotions, and make the most of the latest features in the Fliff app. Your football journey just got a whole lot more thrilling. Stay tuned for more updates and insights from the world of sports betting, right here on!

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