Placing A Pick Or Bet On Fliff

Live betting adds a thrilling dimension to sports wagering, allowing you to engage with events as they unfold. If you’re using Fliff for your live betting experience, this guide will walk you through the process of placing live bets, understanding odds changes, and navigating Fliff’s specific rules and regulations.

How to Place a Live Bet on Fliff?

  1. Navigate to Live Events:
    • Select a live event from the list to open a new page.
    • Explore available live events
  2. Explore Bet Options:
    • The center of the page displays various bet types for the selected event.
    • Click on your desired pick to add it to your ticket by clicking on the odds.
  3. Submit Pick and Confirm:
    • Specify your bet pick amount.
    • Click “Submit” to confirm your bet.
  4. Confirmation and Notification:
    • Upon successful placement, receive a confirmation notification.

Why Can’t I Place My Live Bet?

  1. Odds Changes:
    • Odds for your pick may have changed. Use the update button to accept new odds.
  2. Pick Not Offered:
    • If your pick is not on offer, deselect it or use the update button to resolve the issue.
    • Be aware that bets cannot be canceled once placed according to Fliff rules.

Combining Picks for Multi (Parlay) Bets

  1. Incompatibility:
    • Not all live bets can be combined. Check your bet slip for highlighted picks. Read more here.
    • Deselect or use the update button to add compatible live bets.
  2. Color-Coded Highlights:
    • The color code (orange) indicates picks that cannot be combined.
    • Refer to the FAQ for information on combining different bet types.

Understanding Odds Changes in Live Betting

  • Real-Time Adjustments:
    • Live bet odds change continuously to reflect the current state of play.
    • New odds must be accepted before placing the bet.
  • Shortening the Bet Placement Process:
    • Use automatic settings to accept higher odds or any odds changes.
    • Options are available in the bet slip for a smoother experience.

Managing Your Bet Slip on Fliff

  1. Deleting Picks:
    • Delete specific selections by clicking the ‘trash icon’ button next to each.
    • Delete all selections by clicking the “trash icon” button in summary area.

Fliff Rules for Live Betting

  1. Cancellation Policy:
    • Once picks are submitted, they cannot be canceled.
  2. Overtime Inclusion:
    • For over/under and half-time line picks, overtime is included in the final score.
  3. Sport-Specific Rules:
    • Follow Fliff’s specific rules for each sport regarding suspended games, protests, or overturned decisions.
  4. Event Date and Time:
    • Ensure picks are submitted before the advertised start time.
    • Inadvertent acceptance after an event has started results in void selections.
  5. Calculation of Payouts:
    • Payouts are based on odds at the time of pick submission.
  6. Settlement Errors:
    • Settlement errors are corrected up to 7 days after the event completion.
  7. Official Outcomes:
    • Winners and losers are determined based on specific play durations for each sport.
  8. Parlay and Single Game Parlay Rules:
    • Understand the rules for parlay and single game parlay picks.
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