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Newcomers are discovering there is more to sports betting than just the moneyline, or just betting on the outcome of a game or event, as the industry spreads across the United States. A prop bet, also known as a proposition bet, is a form of side wager on aspects of a game or event that might not have any bearing on the result in the end.

Picking the first player to score a basket in an NBA game or the length of the national anthem during the Super Bowl are two examples of popular prop bets.

Player Props example:

Stephan Curry at FliffImagine this scenario:
Stephen Curry, the superstar of the Golden State Warriors, is up against the Phoenix Suns. Now, let’s dive into the world of player props. The sportsbook might present a proposition about the total number of points Curry will score in the game, setting the line at 31.5. Bettors then have the choice to bet on whether Curry will score more than 31.5 points (Over) or less than 31.5 points (Under).
Fliff Player Props example

What are Player Props?

A player props are just as straightforward as it sounds. It’s centered on the anticipated performance of a specific player, encompassing various aspects. This could range from predicting the number of touchdowns an NFL quarterback will throw in a single game or throughout an entire season to forecasting the assists a starting point guard will accumulate in an NBA match.

Can I bet on Player Prop at Fliff?

Yes, many people actually already bet on Player Props on Fliff. You can find the offers at any event of these following leagues: NFL, NBA, NCAAF, MLB, NCAAB.

Player Props Fliff Sports PicksIn case you are wondering where you can find the player props in Fliff, then you just need to visit one of the leagues above mentioned and:

– Tap on “More Markets”
– Then click on filter “Player Props” next to the “Game lines”-

Why to Bet Props

In general, prop bets are just as challenging to win as regular moneyline bets. So, why would someone choose to bet on props instead of the entire game or event? It’s all about reducing stress.

Betting on props, or proposition bets, offers several advantages and reasons why you might consider placing these types of wagers:

  1. Reduced Stress and Faster Results: Prop bets often focus on specific aspects of a game or event, such as individual player performance or short-term outcomes. This means you can often determine if you’ve won or lost your bet much earlier in the game, reducing the stress of waiting for the final result.
  2. More Betting Options: Prop bets provide a wide range of options within a single game or event. Instead of just betting on the winner or the total score, you can bet on various player and team statistics, making it more engaging and dynamic.
  3. Finding Value: Successful sports betting relies on finding favorable odds and value. Prop bets can sometimes offer better opportunities for value than traditional bets because oddsmakers may not scrutinize them as closely.
  4. Parlay Opportunities: Many sportsbooks allow you to include prop bets in parlays, where you combine multiple bets into one. While parlays can be more challenging to hit, they can also be quite exciting and potentially more rewarding.
  5. Maintaining Interest: In lopsided games where one team is heavily favored, prop bets can maintain your interest and excitement. Instead of simply hoping for a blowout win, you can focus on individual player or team performance to keep the game engaging.
  6. Specialized Knowledge: If you have in-depth knowledge of specific players or teams, prop bets allow you to leverage that expertise. You can use your insights to make more informed predictions about player performance, increasing your chances of success.
  7. Variety and Fun: Betting on props adds variety to your betting experience. It can be more enjoyable to follow specific player milestones or actions during a game, making it a fun way to engage with sports.

In summary, betting on props can offer a more dynamic and engaging betting experience, provide opportunities for value, and allow you to apply your specialized knowledge to make informed predictions. It’s a way to diversify your betting strategy and potentially increase your chances of success while enjoying a wider range of betting options.

Player Props Bet Examples

Player props in baseball cover hits, home runs, and strikeouts. In football, popular props involve touchdowns scored and yards gained, while in hockey, you can bet on statistics like goals, saves, and shots attempted. More details you can find below in article.

How to select best Player Props?

To find the best value in betting player props, consider these key strategies:

  1. Use tools Research: Utilize Prop Finder tools, which aggregates player prop bets from major sportsbooks and provides relevant data to help you identify mispriced props.
  2. Leverage Fantasy Sports Knowledge: If you’re into fantasy sports, use your in-depth player knowledge to bet on player props that align with your research and expertise.
  3. Track Player Split Stats: Explore player split data to uncover strategic betting opportunities. Analyze how players perform in different conditions, such as home vs. away games, to identify potential edges.
  4. Seek Insights from Others: Join discussions on platforms like Twitter and Discord to exchange ideas and gather insights from experienced sports bettors. Follow influential accounts for the latest news and opinions.
  5. Consider Collateral Impacts: Think beyond the obvious and assess how news and events, like injuries or pitching changes, affect other players’ performances. Look for opportunities in related props.
  6. Understand Prop Rules: Familiarize yourself with the specific rules of the sportsbook you’re betting with, as rules can vary. Be aware of nuances, such as whether a player needs to start or simply participate for a prop bet to be valid.
  7. Shop for the Best Odds: While it may require effort, comparing odds from different sportsbooks is essential for long-term profitability. Even slight differences in odds can significantly impact your bottom line.

By applying these strategies, you can enhance your chances of success in player prop betting and make more informed wagers.

How to Bet Player Props?

NFL Player Props

Player prop bets in baseball cover hits, home runs, and strikeouts, while football enthusiasts often wager on popular props such as touchdowns scored and yards gained. In hockey, you have the option to bet on statistics like goals, saves, and shots attempted. Game props, on the other hand, pertain to specific aspects of the game beyond merely selecting a side or predicting the total outcome.


NCAAF player prop bets revolve around a single player in a college football game and a specific statistical category. College football bettors commonly place bets based on whether a particular player will reach a statistical milestone or by what margin.


NBA bettors are increasingly drawn to a prop market known as “first basket” betting. This type of wager, akin to baseball’s home run props and football’s touchdown props, allows bettors to pick a player from either team to make the first basket in a game. These wagers, referred to as “index props,” come with odds that shift depending on the chosen player’s scoring capabilities.

For those seeking more specificity, bettors can even pinpoint the method of the first basket, whether it’s a three-pointer, a dunk, or another technique. It’s worth noting that these index props almost always offer plus-money odds. The reason is simple: they are considered quite challenging to predict successfully.


MLB offers an exciting array of prop bets, and one of the favorites among bettors involves a simple question: Will Player X hit a home run in the game? Sportsbooks provide a roster of players for each match, each accompanied by unique odds, typically displayed as plus-money figures (e.g., +300, +550, +750).

These odds are influenced by a player’s historical performance in hitting home runs. For instance, powerhouse sluggers like Vladimir Guerrero Jr. of the Toronto Blue Jays and Aaron Judge of the New York Yankees might carry odds of +320 to hit a home run. In contrast, a contact hitter with fewer home runs to their name may have odds of +600.

In this example, a $100 prop bet could result in two distinct potential payouts:

  • $320 for Guerrero and Judge,
  • and $600 for the contact hitter.

Strategy for MLB Player Props

When it comes to MLB Player Props, having a solid strategy can make a big difference in your success. In this article, we’ll break down a simple yet effective approach to help you make informed picks.

1. Player Performance History:

  • Research a player’s past performance against the opposing pitcher. If a player has a strong track record and a high batting average (BA) against a particular pitcher, it’s a good indicator of their potential success.

2. Live Betting Opportunity:

  • Keep an eye on the player’s first at-bat. If a player with a good history against the pitcher gets out in their first at-bat, consider placing a live bet on them to get a hit. This can offer excellent value and capitalize on their ability to adjust during the game.

3. Targeting Games:

  • Unlike NBA and NFL, where high over/under and low spread games are often targeted, finding the right MLB games can be a bit different. Look for games where both teams have strong offensive lineups, as this increases the chances of player props hitting.

4. Analyze Line Value:

  • Study the odds carefully. Seek player props with favorable odds that provide value based on your research. Look for discrepancies between your assessment and the sportsbook’s line.

By focusing on these strategies, you can enhance your MLB Player Props betting experience. Remember that research and smart betting decisions are key to success in this exciting aspect of baseball wagering.


NHL enthusiasts frequently explore two popular prop bets. The first allows bettors to predict whether a player will score a goal (Yes/No), while the second involves wagering on the total number of points a player will earn in a game (Over/Under).

In the goal-scoring prop, bettors make choices between “Yes” (offering plus odds) and “No” (with minus odds). The odds depend on the player’s goal-scoring track record. For instance, renowned scorer Connor McDavid from the Edmonton Oilers might have Yes/No odds of +180/-220, whereas a defenseman with limited scoring might carry odds of +400/-600.

As for the points prop, bettors can bet on whether a player will exceed or fall short of 1.5 total points (comprising goals and assists). This prop also incorporates plus and minus odds, albeit with a narrower gap compared to the goal-scoring prop. Over 1.5 points might be -115, while Under 1.5 points could be -105, or it might be Over 1.5 points +105/Under 1.5 points -125.

Here a table view for better overview:

NHL Prop BetsBetPotential Winnings
Goal-Scoring Prop– “Yes” on Connor McDavid (+180)Bet $100 to win $180
– “No” on Random Defenseman (-600)Bet $100 to win $16.67
Points Prop– “Over 1.5 points” (-115)Bet $115 to win $100
– “Under 1.5 points” (-105)Bet $105 to win $100

Other Sports

Player props aren’t limited to the sports mentioned earlier; you can also find them in various other sports on betting websites and apps. Here are some examples of prop bets available in popular sports:


  • Will any golfer make a hole-in-one during a four-day tournament (Yes/No)?
  • How many major titles will Scottie Scheffler win in 2023 (Over/Under)?


  • How many wins will Kyle Busch have during the 2022 NASCAR season (Over/Under)?
  • Which car manufacturer will win the Daytona 500?
  • Which driver will lead the most laps in a race?


  • Which method of victory (KO/TKO, submission, decision) will Conor McGregor use to defeat Michael Chandler?
  • Will a given fight go the distance (Yes/No)?


  • How many sets will it take Rafael Nadal to defeat Roger Federer (Over/Under)?
  • Will Coco Gauff win a set against Iga Swiatek (Yes/No)?

So, don’t be surprised to encounter a wide range of prop bets across different sports, offering unique and exciting ways to engage with your favorite events.


Player props aren’t just bets; they’re a way to elevate your sports betting experience. With Fliff’s user-friendly platform and a plethora of options in NFL, NBA, NCAAF, MLB, and NCAAB, you can take your wagering to new heights.

So, why should you consider player props? These bets not only reduce stress by providing quicker results but also offer a multitude of options beyond traditional wagers. They present opportunities for astute bettors to uncover value and even incorporate props into parlays for added excitement.

In essence, player props add a layer of engagement, fun, and strategy to your sports betting experience. So, step into the world of player props and unlock a new dimension of sports wagering.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Fliff offer player props for NFL games?

Yes, Fliff offers player props for NFL games, allowing you to bet on various aspects of player performance.

Does Fliff offer player props for NBA games?

Certainly, Fliff provides player props for NBA games, enabling you to wager on specific player-related outcomes.

Does Fliff offer player props for MLB games?

Yes, Fliff offers player props for MLB games, including options like hits, home runs, and more.

Does Fliff offer player props for NCAAB games?

Fliff does offer player props for NCAAB games, allowing you to bet on college basketball player performances.

Does Fliff offer player props for NHL games?

Absolutely, Fliff provides player props for NHL games, including goal-scoring and points-related props.

Does Fliff offer player props for NCAAF games?

Yes, Fliff offers player props for NCAAF games, covering various statistical categories for college football players.

Why can’t I do player prop parlays on Fliff?

Unfortunately, Fliff does not allow the bundling of player props. This is in line with their identity as a sweepstakes company operating under unique legal constraints, primarily emphasizing social features. It’s important to note that their sports betting offerings may not match those of larger bookmakers.

Why should I consider betting on Player Props?

Betting on player props provides several advantages, including reduced stress and faster results, more betting options, opportunities to find value, the potential to include props in parlays, and the ability to maintain interest in games that might otherwise be one-sided.

How do I select the best Player Props to bet on?

To find the best player props, you can use tools for research, leverage your knowledge from fantasy sports, track player split stats, consider other bettors’ insights on platforms like Twitter and Discord, think about collateral impacts of news or events, understand the specific rules for each prop, and shop for the best odds from different sportsbooks.

What sports can I bet on with Player Props?

You can bet on player props in a variety of sports, including the NFL, NBA, NCAAF, MLB, NCAAB, NHL, and more. These props cover different aspects of each sport, allowing you to bet on specific player performances.

Can I include Player Props in parlays on Fliff?

No, Fliff does not offer the option to include player props in parlays. Fliff operates as a sweepstakes company, and its focus is on social features rather than providing a full sportsbook experience, which includes prop parlays.

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