Sports rules explained

Since sports betting is something rather new in United States. Many new users won’t understand basic sports rules which are applied on all sportsbooks. This includes on Fliff Spots Picks as well.

Also, what do you need to know before starting placing bets on Fliff Sports Picks mobile app or even on website.

General Sports Rules

Customer picks cannot be canceled once submitted.
Over/under picks include game overtime (unless stated otherwise).
Half-time line picks include overtime as part of the second half (unless stated otherwise).
Limits and payouts are subject to change without notice.
Fliff follows Las Vegas rules for suspended/protest games; otherwise, they are not recognized for predictions.
Scheduled events must be played on the date specified. Postponed events result in a refund, except if stated otherwise. Tennis matches result in a refund if not completed.
Payouts are based on odds at the time of pick submission.
If a pick is submitted with an obvious error, it will be voided and funds refunded.
In case of a correction, funds may be adjusted up to 7 days after the event.
Event dates and times are for reference only. Picks accepted up to start time. Late picks are void.
In-play scores are for display only and not guaranteed.
Futures picks are accepted as “All In” and lost if a selection doesn’t take part. Tied futures result in divided payouts.
Winners/losers are official after set minutes of play, which vary by sport. Overtimes are counted for total, moneyline, and point spread predictions (except for soccer draws).
Period/quarter/overtime picks are for specific periods/overtime only.
Sports with play time limits must have 5 minutes or less remaining to be official.
A straight pick is a single selection on a spread, total, or moneyline.
A parlay pick links two or more selections, with reduced odds if one is voided.
A single game parlay is a combination of selections within one event; if one is voided, the entire parlay is voided.

Important thing to understand is that winners and losers are official after:
– Soccer – 90 minutes of play – Overtime and/or Penalty shots are not included
– Football – NCAA & NFL – 55 minutes of play
– Basketball – NBA – 43 minutes of play
– Basketball – NCAA – 35 minutes of play
– Hockey – NHL – 55 minutes of play
– All other sporting events – 55 minutes of play

Now when we have covered general rules let’s focus on Football Sports Specific Rules.

Sports Specific Rules

Sports Specific Rules are a set of guidelines for betting on various sports events. It’s important to familiarize yourself with these rules before starting to bet on sports, as they can impact your potential winnings and determine whether a pick is valid or not.

By understanding the Sports Specific Rules, you can make informed decisions and increase your chances of success in sports betting.


Football: NFL, NCAA College Football, AAF, CFL, and Arena Football are included
Picks on postponed or abandoned matches are No Action unless already determined
If venue changes, picks stand if home team remains same.
If home and away teams switch, picks based on original listing are void.
In 2-Way markets, Push rules apply unless stated otherwise.
In Highest/Lowest Scoring Team and Player Yardage markets, only quoted participant’s count is considered.
A team or player in an abandoned or postponed match is treated as a non-runner.
Pre-Game Picks: 5 minutes or less of scheduled game time must be left for picks to have action, unless outcome is determined.
NFL match markets and pre-game markets are settled based on game stats from
For Team Totals, Odd or Even, zero score counts as Even. Double Result includes overtime and must be completed for picks to have action.
In-Play Picks: Game or relevant quarter/half must be completed for picks to have action.
Half picks include points scored in overtime (if played).
Quarter picks include points scored in overtime (if played).
Double Result excludes overtime.
Player Props: If player inactive or doesn’t play any snaps, all picks on the player have no action.
If player is on the field for at least one snap, all picks have action.
Settlement of Picks: Statistics from official score provider or competition’s website will be used to settle picks.
If not available, independent evidence will be used. In absence of evidence, picks will be settled based on own statistics.

This article only explains all the rules in more simplified way so everyone can easily understand before starting to bet on Fliff Sports Picks.

All the rules can be found on Fliff official website:

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