Fliff Superbowl LVIII Rules

The Super Bowl is upon us, and Fliff Sports Picks is ready to fuel your football frenzy with exciting betting options. But before you dive in, ensure you understand the specific rules that govern bets during this high-stakes event. Let’s break down the key points you need to know:

Abandoned Games & Venue Changes:

  • No Action: Bets on matches declared abandoned are voided, unless a result is already determined.
  • Home is Home: Venue changes won’t affect your bet if the designated home team remains the same.
  • Switch Sides, Void Bets: If the home and away teams swap, your original bet is off.

Market Mayhem:

  • Push & Parlays: Tie scores in 2-Way markets mean a refund on straight picks, while they act as non-runners in parlays.
  • Scoring & Yardage: Only designated players/teams count for these specialized markets. Abandoned players/teams become non-runners.

Pre-Game & Overtime:

  • Overtime Counts: Unless stated otherwise, overtime impacts final scores and your pick’s success.
  • 5-Minute Rule: For picks to be valid, there must be 5 minutes or less of scheduled game time remaining, unless the outcome is already decided.

In-Play Thrills:

  • Quarter/Half Completion: Finishing quarters/halves determine bets in in-play picks. Overtime counts unless stated otherwise.
  • Double Result & Overtime: This market excludes overtime unless explicitly mentioned.

Player Prop Pointers:

  • Players Must Play: Bets on individual players require them to take the field during the game. No action on inactive players.


  • These rules apply to NFL, NCAA College Football, AAF, CFL, and Arena Football.
  • Fliff uses official statistics from trusted sources for settlement.
  • For comprehensive rules and exceptions, refer to the official Fliff Sports Picks guidelines.

Now, with a clear understanding of the rules, you’re ready to strategize your Super Bowl bets on Fliff Sports Picks. So, get prepped, choose your champion, and enjoy the thrill of the game responsibly!

Official Rules Document you can find here: https://www.getfliff.com/sports-prediction-rules#toc-1-football

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