Under 18: Guidelines for playing and withdrawing money at Fliff


Don’t try to cheat the system, meaning, don’t try to avoid Fliff rules, since earlier or later they will need remove you as a user or they might even block you. Not because they want to, but due to the legal reasons in the state they operate. Therefore, whatever you are trying, just follow the game rules and you will be all fine. You will be able to play on all games, be able to win and most importantly withdraw your money.

However, if you are genuinely interested in how the Fliff community addresses this issue, we can provide a detailed explanation in this article.

Use someone else’s ID or driving license who is older than you

Might sound like a good idea, but trust us. It’s not. Once you verify as someone else you can not change it in future. Meaning, that person which ID you used now your Fliff account legally belongs to them. If you for any reason decide to split with that person then that person can ask Fliff to withdraw founds from your account since is legal owner of the account. Most likely whole process would take time to verify who and what, but eventually it just brings you complication. In case you really want to enjoy Fliff, then we suggest wait a bit and join platform once you are 18+. Or another possibility is to use only Fliff Coins to bet and enjoy social features. Real money betting can wait.

Using someone else’s ID or driving license in order to misrepresent your age is against the law and can have serious consequences. It is important to act responsibly and lawfully, and I encourage you to wait until you are of legal age to participate in activities that have age restrictions.

Delete the app and wait till you are 18+

Might not be the best option for you but in case you already won certain amount of money and you don’t need it right away, we strongly suggest delete the app and come back to platform once you are 18+. Reason is simple that you will most likely spend the amount if you can not withdraw the account. Therefore this is really a friendly advice how to get the money out of Fliff if you are underage.

If you are under 18, it is generally not permitted to participate in gambling activities, as there are age restrictions in place to protect minors. And mainly those restriction apply because of your good.

Why I need even to verify?

Due to legal reasons how the Fliff or any sports betting app operates in United States, per state there are different laws which company needs to follow in order to operate on that market. Therefore they ask you to verify your identity, but in case you are really interested how that works and why it’s being done, make sure you check our guideline here.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I verify even tho I am under 18?

On Discord or Reddit, you might come across instances where users claim to have used their older friends’ IDs to get verified. While this may seem like a trick, it is strongly advised against attempting it. The main reason is that your friend, being the legal owner of the account, can contact Fliff at any time and request the withdrawal of funds. Consequently, the winnings would rightfully belong to them. Engaging in such practices can lead to various issues, including being blocked and permanently banned from the platform. To avoid potential problems, it is highly recommended to refrain from cheating the system.

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